What is HubSpot Content Assistant and how will it help the Education sector?

Discover how HubSpot's Content Assistant can revolutionise the education sector, from blog writing to social caption and meta description generation.

It's clear to see the rise in functionality in AI tools from big companies, especially this year; with HubSpot being no exception! With this, we are seeing more and more tools that have built-in AI functionality, intended to enhance and empower the way that we work day-to-day. However, there is a stigma surrounding AI in the workplace with the idea being that AI will be able to do everything an employee can do, and to a better standard. At HubGem, we like to think about this in a different light! Instead of fearing the introduction of AI tools and features in our tech stacks (including HubSpot!) we are embracing this new era of development, and using the new tools to their full potential to improve the way we work. As Andre Pitre said best at INBOUND this year 'AI won't take your job, but someone who knows how to use it might!' With this in mind, we thought it may be useful to take a deep dive into HubSpot's new Content Assistant tools and look at how this can help those in the Education sector using HubSpot as their CRM. 

What is HubSpot Content Assistant? 

Content Assistant is an AI-powered writing tool integrated directly into HubSpot, which has been built to help its users create and generate different kinds of content. From blog posts to landing pages, and social media captions to SEO, Content Assistant has been built to help busy teams shorten the amount of time it takes to generate content. Whilst it is still in public beta, there is a lot of talk about this tool and its utility for busy Marketing teams. 

AI Blog Writer:

A great place to start looking at the Content Assistant tools would be the AI Blog Writer (which I may or may have not used to assist with the writing of this blog!) This is a fantastic tool to help with putting together a new piece of blog content for your School, College or Universities Blog page. I think it's safe to say that we all get writer's block on occasion, which is what the Blog Writer intends to help with. This tool uses prompts and questions that generates paragraphs, outlines, ideas, conclusions and even entire blog posts in seconds! 

This can be really beneficial to marketing teams in independent schools, for example, who are wanting to generate more blog content so they can use it as social content, or help them improve their SEO. Whilst this tool can be a real time-saver, we would strongly recommend reviewing all AI-generated blog content. The reason for this, is because AI gets its knowledge from the web, meaning that in theory it could take heavy inspiration from someone else's blog and copy sections of it in your own content. With this in mind, we'd recommend the Blog Writer tool only as a way to generate some inspiration for blog creation, as opposed to a tool which will write everything out for you! 

AI Email Writer:

Much like the Blog Writer, the AI Email Writer is fantastic for generating or enhancing email content for your School, College or University. By simply typing '/' in a text field within a marketing email, you are able to generate content for a paragraph or heading. After selecting from these two options, you are encouraged to summarise what you are wanting the tool to generate by entering a brief description. After this, the tool will then generate some content automatically based on your input! This can be a major time-saver for those who know how they may want a section of content to look or portray, but they're not quite sure specifically how it should be worded. 

The Email Writer is currently still in public beta, so we can expect some further development with this tool going into 2024. It is also free, making it super accessible to an independent school who may not be able to afford a Pro or Enterprise Hub in HubSpot. 

Social Caption Creator:

We know how hard social content generation can be for marketing teams working in a School, College or University. Scheduling social posts well ahead of time can be useful for ensuring that social content is well-thought out and organised, but this is often a lot easier said than done! Generating ideas for the next month's social content can be quite difficult at times, but the AI Social Caption Generator has been created to help relieve some of the stress that comes with wording social content. This tool can assist by creating copy for your social posts directly in HubSpot's social scheduling tool by pressing the lightning bolt icon when writing up your caption! Simply type up what the post is about, and HubSpot will generate a caption which you can review and use; it's that simple! You can take this a step further and test multiple prompts to ensure your end result is a caption which will entice and engage your audience. You need access to the social media scheduling tools to take advantage of this AI feature in HubSpot (Marketing Starter or higher). 

Meta Description Generator:

SEO is an overlooked aspect of marketing for many within the Education sector. Appearing on the search results can be vital for ensuring that your school, college or university is front-of-mind for any visitors that are looking for an institution such as yours. That being said, it can be difficult to optimise your site for search engines, especially when it comes to meta descriptions (the small bit of text that appears just below a title when on the results page of Google). A meta description is an important factor to consider when it comes to SEO, and the Meta Description Generator is designed to help automatically generate compelling SEO titles and descriptions! When creating a new landing page, blog or website page within HubSpot, you'll have the option to generate a meta description, which you can then edit in order to include any keywords/phrases you are wanting to optimise this piece of content for. Once again, the generator is still in beta, so its capabilities are constantly evolving. It also shouldn't replace human creativity and judgment when it comes to crafting effective descriptions. 

There are likely to be further features and tools released from HubSpot in the coming years, with AI clearly being a prominent focus, and we are excited for what the future holds! We encourage you to embrace and experiment with these new tools as you may find that they save you stress, time and money! 

I hope you found this article useful! If you have any questions on anything I've mentioned in this blog, please do reach out to me by sending an email to where I would be happy to help:) 


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Olly Kenyon

Olly Kenyon

Olly is a Marketing & CRM Consultant who started his marketing journey in 2018 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, working at a small Lincoln-based Marketing Agency. Olly joined the servicing team at HubGem to support with technical work for clients, and assist with streamlining various marketing processes. When he’s not at work, Olly enjoys training and watching martial arts, playing video games, and being a dad for his pet tortoise, George.

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