HubSpot AI Campaign assistant and how it will benefit education settings

What HubSpot's AI campaign assistant is and how this will benefit creating content for education organisations.


HubSpot has recently released the new features of AI tools, and we are especially excited about the AI Campaign Assistant tool. This new AI marketing tool allows you to generate content for emails, landing pages and ads using your own preferences and hosting these on your different platforms. We know this time saving tool will benefit marketing teams in the education sector specifically as it creates copy that aligns with your school brand and voice, but will save you time as the text is generated automatically for you using AI.

How does the AI Campaign Assistant work?

Selecting your asset type and sharing details about your campaign

Firstly, you have to decide what asset you would like to create for your chosen campaign, whether this is a landing page for events or to host content, a marketing email to send out admissions comms to parents, or the type of ad you are creating copy for to promote events either through Google Ads, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads.

Once you have selected your asset type, you can give HubSpot a description of your campaign and what the aim of the overall campaign is. For example, is the aim of the campaign to convert pupils to your school through an open event, or the campaign goal may be to track and convert enquiries to enrolment at your school. By giving as much detail as possible, the AI tool can gain an insight to your goals for your campaign and use this within the content for the asset it is creating.

choosing your asset

Campaign details

Audience and writing style

When adding key information to what you want your audience to know about from your campaign, it is important to be specific and give details to what is it that you are offering through this campaign. Is it an open evening where parents and students will receive a grand tour of the school and a talk from the Headmaster. Or is the campaign a Sixth Form taster day where prospects will attend and experience the different subject lessons the Sixth Form school has to offer. This key information added your campaign will help the AI tool create copy which will help convert leads and encourage better engagement with your campaign assets.

You can also suggest what action you would like your audience to do in relation to your campaign assets. This may be to sign-up to an event by submitting an event form, or download a piece of content such as a  guide to extracurricular activities at your school. Adding these call to actions will help the AI assistant tool generate the correct content to encourage the prospect to take these actions.

The AI assistant tool will also ask you to select up to 5 writing styles you want your content to convey. This is really useful as you can align what tone of voice you currently use in your marketing assets to the AI generated text for your campaign. Whether your tone of voice in your marketing emails and ads are friendly or helpful and provide guidance or is witty, you can relay this to the assistant to use when creating your asset content, and the tone of voice will align with your other marketing communications. 

audience to know about

audeince ctas

Generating your copy

Once you have given the AI assistant insights into your campaign description and goals, audience you want to engage and target, and the tone of voice you use across your marketing efforts, the AI assistant will generate your copy for you. As well, you can review this copy and edit the text too if you wanted to add any extra information. You can then use this content on different platforms and it will reach your specific audience and encourage them to take the specific actions you outlined previously.


Therefore, using the AI Campaign Assistant helps your marketing team save hours of creating assts for your campaigns as the assistant will take all of the details you provided for that specific asset type and generate text which will reach your chosen audience and also align with your other content's tone of voice and branding in just a few clicks. Your team still has control over the content and actions of the asset, but HubSpot will assist in building this for you, saving you hours of creating assets for school events and advertising upcoming events. This will enable your teams to focus their time on other tasks, but also create quality assets for different events and engagements at your school.


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Gemma Woods

Gemma Woods

Gemma is a Senior Marketing & CRM Consultant at HubGem. She studied English Literature at University and is now keen to put her previous experience into practice and to demonstrate her love of creative thinking through content creation, and delivering excellent support to both her team and customers.

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