New HubSpot AI features announced at INBOUND 23: How can Education Providers Benefit?

Learn how to leverage the power of AI in education marketing with HubSpot - using the new features announced at INBOUND 23

HubSpot AI features for education

With dozens of announcements from HubSpot's annual marketing and sales event, we're focusing on the new AI tools announced and exploring what opportunities they offer for education providers using HubSpot.

New Artificial Intelligence Features

One hot topic at INBOUND 23 is the fundamental shift that is Generative AI and how it’s impacting the way people work, shop, and buy.

Generative AI is moving us from an age of information to an age of intelligence. Intelligence from Generative AI can help education providers boost connection, by deeply understanding their customers' needs and creating personal, easy experiences.

AI forecasting tools

Pressure test your sales forecasting against HubSpot’s new AI-powered forecast, which uses historical sales to project future sales. AI improves accuracy for some teams to 95%+ and it continuously learns and improves based on sales activity.

AI Forecasting tools

This tool will be useful for admissions or sales teams using HubSpot to track admissions, making  make predictions easier - we expect this will be a hit with Senior Leadership Teams.

AI subject line generator for emails

Powered by email insights and best practices from HubSpot, the Subject Line Generator will read the content of your marketing email, and generate three subject lines accordingly. You will not need to prompt the tool, instead you can generate subject lines on the click of a button.

This tool will be popular with those running email marketing campaigns - it will save time and optimise the impact of your emails. 

AI website builder

HubSpot are building a single-page, AI-enhanced onboarding experience that 
dramatically reduces the number of decisions CMS users need to make when getting started with a website. It will ask the user questions about their business and leverage generative-AI to create a single-page site -

This tool will be handy for smaller education providers who are getting started with a new website on HubSpot CMS. It offers the perfect starting point for those needing some direction on their new website.

AI-Generated social media & ad copy

The current workflow for marketers to create social posts to promote blog content requires manual copywriting for each social media platform, which is time-consuming and error-prone.

This tool will help marketers generate social posts without leaving the blog post editor 
(social composer side panel). 

You can also now create the copy for your LinkedIn and Facebook ads with HubSpot's AI Campaign Assistant. In the click of a button you can have 3 variants to test for your next campaign

More time-saving content creation tools is good news for education marketers, less manual copywriting will be a welcome addition for schools and colleges using HubSpot.

AI-powered content ideas for blog, landing pages and web pages

A new content idea generation tool for blog designed to  help you get started with blogging. Powered by ChatGPT and keyword data from Semrush, this tool makes it easy to generate blog post topics, suggested post titles, descriptions, and outlines. Simply enter a description of a broad topic you are interesting in getting more ideas about, and HubSpot will provide more specific ideas that may resonate with your audience. It will score topics for how easy they are to rank for and how popular they are on Google search to help you maximise results.

This can help education marketers by acting as a brainstorming tool to provide fresh ideas, and make it easier for teams to select content ideas that will perform well and resonate with target audiences.

AI Content Assistant enhancements

New functionality added to the settings field in website pages, landing pages, and blog to allow you to click on a button and generate SEO-friendly titles or meta descriptions. The feature analyses your page’s content and uses AI to generate compelling titles and meta descriptions that accurately represent the page’s content.

There's also a new AI image tool that can generate images based on a prompt or context from the task being performed.

AI image generator

Content creators can also generate blog outlines, paragraphs, ideas, or conclusions within the blog editor, along with editing existing text to rewrite, shorten, expand, or change the tone of the text they select. Following INBOUND this feature is now available in landing pages, website pages, blog, global content, marketing email, knowledge base, conversations inbox & social tools.

These tools will make it quicker for education marketers to generate compelling and effective content to engage with their audiences at scale.

AI-Generated reporting

Creating reports can be really difficult and time consuming. Using Generative AI HubSpot can make it easier than every to answer questions in Reporting - this has the potential to be a huge time-saver for admissions teams and marketers alike by allowing teams to create reports with just a simple question!

AI reporting

AI Generated reports will make it simple to get started building the perfect report to answer your organisation's most important questions.

AI-Landing page creation

Create a landing page in a flash by using the Campaign Assistant to write the copy, then in just one click have your landing page built. Go from nothing to a published landing page in a matter of minutes. Best of all - this tool is free, for everyone.

This offers huge potential for school and college marketers to create relevant landing pages that resonate with their audiences more quickly than ever before.

AI-Generated Conversation Summary

This new feature is available in the Conversations inbox. Conversations across all channels in active threads can now be summarised in the comment section. This feature creates 
a conversation summary so any inbox user can quickly get the context of a conversation without reading every message.

This will be a handy tool for admissions teams who only need to reference the summary of a conversation rather than every item in the thread.

So, what next?

These new features will put marketers at the cutting edge of what's possible when a CRM and Generative AI go hand-in-hand. We are excited to give these tools a try ourselves and our advice to marketers is to get stuck in, if you haven't yet tried optimising your school or college's marketing efforts using AI then we highly recommend setting aside an hour or so test out these new tools on some new content. 

Need a helping hand? We are HubSpot for education specialists. Book a call with one of our friendly team members here.


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Gemma Price

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