Quick wins for your school when using HubSpot

Quick wins that you can achieve for your School when using HubSpot. Help your team to mange their workload & streamline their processes, saving them time!


Discover a range of simple yet effective strategies to achieve quick wins for your school using HubSpot. From utilizing templates and plugins to leveraging HubSpot's Meetings Tool, you'll uncover valuable insights that will streamline your processes, foster teamwork, and ultimately save you precious time.


1. HubSpot's Search Function

Having trouble finding what you need? If you're unsure where to locate a specific tool or object within your CRM, don't worry - HubSpot's search function has got you covered. With just a few clicks, you'll be directed to the right place in no time. This powerful feature allows you to search for keywords across your entire account, making it easy to find information about Open Events or any other topic you're interested in. From notes on student records to emails, workflows, landing pages, campaigns, and more, HubSpot's search function helps you achieve quick wins by providing access to the information you need, when you need it.

Additionally, the search function can also be utilized to easily locate specific settings or search for specific individuals, whether it be your Parent records (commonly referred to as Contacts) or your Student records (typically known as Deals).

2. Snippets

Are you tired of spending endless hours writing the same responses or sending repetitive information to parents and students? Well, I have the perfect solution for you - Snippets! These handy tools are designed to save you and your team valuable time.

Using the # function, Snippets allow you to quickly access frequently used text without the need for constant rewriting. Simply create your own snippet, insert the text that you find yourself typing repeatedly, and assign it a relevant # keyword. Then, whenever you need to use that information, just type in # followed by the keyword, and voila! The relevant text will appear, saving you from the monotony of repetition. It's that simple!

Whether it's an enquiry response, a list of responses to frequently asked questions, or important information for your social media captions, Snippets are a game-changer for streamlining your communication process. So, say goodbye to wasted time and hello to efficiency with HubSpot's Snippet tool.

3. Templates 

Templates are a valuable time-saving tool, similar to Snippets, but with a focus on responses and emails. These templates can be used to quickly send personalized emails or responses to specific contacts, improving your one-on-one communication. For example, you can create an Offer Letter template and use personalisation tokens to ensure a personal touch.

To use a template in your CRM, simply locate the relevant contact record, choose to send an email directly from there, and select the "template" option at the top of the pop-up email window. You can then choose which template to send. If needed, you can also edit the text once you've selected the template. This saves you a significant amount of time, as you no longer have to write the same email multiple times for different students or parents.


Time saving


4. Plugins

HubSpot provide a variety of plugins to streamline your processes and save you time. One of my favorites would be the plugin for Outlook that allows you to track opens and clicks from emails sent directly from your Outlook account. This means that even if you're not using HubSpot's email tool, you can still benefit from the tracking capabilities it offers.

By installing the HubSpot Outlook plugin, you can log all communication on the contact record, regardless of whether the emails are sent through Outlook or HubSpot. This feature is especially useful for maintaining a comprehensive record of all interactions with your students and parents.

With the plugin, you'll be able to see if and when your emails are opened, as well as track any links that are clicked within the email. This valuable data can help you gauge the effectiveness of your communication efforts and tailor your approach accordingly.

So, whether you prefer sending emails through Outlook or HubSpot, the HubSpot Outlook plugin is a powerful tool that enhances your tracking capabilities and simplifies your workflow. Take advantage of this feature to gain valuable insights into your email engagement and optimize your communication strategies.


5. Meetings  

HubSpot's Meetings tool offers a range of different meeting types to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're scheduling meetings for your admissions team or setting up meetings with parents, HubSpot has you covered. One useful feature is the round-robin link, which ensures that meetings are evenly distributed among team members. This eliminates the need for manual scheduling and ensures that if one member of your team is away, another member can be scheduled automatically depending on their calendar availability of course. 

With the Meetings tool, you can easily set up meetings based on your calendar availability. This means that you won't have to worry about conflicting with any existing meetings you have in place. You can specify the duration of the meeting, choose specific days of the week when you're available, and even set up recurring meetings for regular check-ins or appointments.

The convenience of the Meetings tool extends beyond just scheduling. It also allows you to send customized meeting invitations to participants, complete with all the necessary details such as location, agenda, and any required materials. This streamlines the entire meeting process and ensures that everyone is well-prepared and informed.

HubSpot's Meetings tool provides a comprehensive solution for scheduling, organizing, and managing meetings. Its flexibility, ease of use, and integration with the CRM make it an invaluable asset for any school looking to streamline its meeting processes and improve overall efficiency.


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