What is the HubSpot meetings tool and how to make the most out of it

Leverage HubSpot's meetings tool to streamline the booking process for both parents and your admissions team.


We understand the significance of providing parents and students with the opportunity to schedule time to discuss their enquiries, questions, or concerns. Recognising that this process can be quite time-intensive, especially during hectic periods, finding a suitable slot in everyone's schedules may prove challenging and could potentially deter prospective parents altogether.


This is where the power of HubSpot's meetings tool shines! By creating customisable scheduling pages, you can effortlessly provide shareable links for booking appointments with ease. These pages can be tailored to your preferences, allowing you to set specific time intervals between meetings, gather necessary information from attendees, and seamlessly integrate with your calendar to prevent any scheduling conflicts. Let's explore some of the standout features that will help you maximise the efficiency of this invaluable time-saving tool.

1. Round-robin Links

Round-robin links offer a multitude of benefits for streamlining the booking process in educational settings. By utilising round-robin links, you can ensure fair distribution of meeting appointments among your admissions team, eliminating any manual scheduling efforts. This not only saves time but also maximises efficiency by automatically assigning meetings to available team members. With round-robin links, you can guarantee that every team member has an equal opportunity to engage with prospective parents, creating a seamless and organised booking system.

2. Calendar Integration 

By connecting your calendar to the meetings tool, you can seamlessly sync all your scheduled appointments, events, and commitments in one centralised location. This integration ensures that you have real-time visibility into your availability, making it easier to avoid double bookings or conflicts. By linking your calendar, you can also set up notifications and reminders for upcoming meetings, ensuring that you never miss an important appointment. This synchronisation feature enhances the efficiency and organisation of your scheduling process, allowing you to focus on engaging with parents and students without the worry of logistical challenges.


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3. Utilise your Meetings link across the CRM

Harness the potential of your meetings link within your calls-to-action (CTAs), marketing emails, landing pages, and communication efforts to drive engagement and facilitate easy scheduling for parents and students.

By strategically embedding these links in your communications and marketing materials, you can encourage prospective families to book appointments effortlessly, leading to increased interaction and conversion rates. Whether it's directing them to schedule a campus tour, meet with admissions staff, or attend an information session, incorporating meetings links in your outreach efforts can enhance the overall user experience and streamline the booking process. Take advantage of this feature to provide a convenient and efficient way for individuals to connect with your educational institution and address their enquiries effectively.


4. Customisable Scheduling

Customisable scheduling allows you to tailor the booking process to suit your specific needs and preferences. With HubSpot's meetings tool, you have the flexibility to customise various aspects, such as adding specific questions or requirements for attendees to answer before booking a meeting. This customisation ensures that you gather all the necessary information upfront, making the actual meeting more productive and focused. You can also personalise the appearance of the scheduling pages to align with your branding and create a cohesive and professional booking experience for parents and students. By utilising customisable scheduling features, you can create a seamless and user-friendly process that enhances communication and engagement with your educational organisation.

With HubSpot's customisable scheduling features, you have the flexibility to incorporate buffer times, allowing for breaks, avoiding overlapping meetings, and ensuring that each interaction receives the necessary attention and focus. You can also vary appointment lengths to optimise the scheduling process. Whether it's a quick 15-minute chat or a more in-depth discussion requiring an hour, offering varying appointment lengths caters to the diverse needs and preferences of individuals, allowing for more flexibility in scheduling. 

5. Self-scheduling opportunities

This booking experience not only enhances customer satisfaction but also increases the likelihood of converting leads into loyal customers – in this case, committed parents. Imagine a scenario where a parent, awake at 3 am and exploring your organisation's website, can effortlessly schedule a meeting with you right there and then. This instantaneous booking capability eliminates the need to wait for traditional opening hours or engage in a cumbersome manual scheduling process, ultimately streamlining the communication and engagement process for both parties.

Take a look at the meetings tool today and start sharing your meetings link with prospective parents and students! 


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