HubGem partners with Attenger Digital - specialists in Social Media for schools

We are thrilled to partner with social media agency Attenger Digital - specialists in social media marketing in education.

Attenger Digital partnership

We have recently partnered with social media agency Attenger. We are thrilled to be able to work with such a like minded company, with a core focus on the education sector and schools.

Attenger Digital is a Social media marketing agency working exclusively in the education sector. They support independent schools, international schools, and universities, to achieve their student marketing objectives through social media training, and managed services. 
Services include: 
  • Strategy & Audits
  • Management and training in organic & paid (ads)
  • Social media marketing for schools

“We’re delighted to be partnering with HubGem to support our clients to more seamlessly and effortlessly track the student enquiries we generate for them." Said Emma Fell, Founder of Attenger Digital, "We’ve been HubSpot advocates for a while, so partnering with a HubSpot expert like HubGem will bring so many exciting opportunities for our clients and their social media campaigns.” 

A strong social media presence can be a game-changer for schools. Parents and students may be engaging with your school's social media accounts for months before engaging in conversation with you, and possibly for years before they are ready to apply. Effective nurturing of your leads throughout is crucial and both HubGem and Attenger Digital are passionate about the importance of schools engaging with prospects and adding value at every stage of the customer journey.
At HubGem, digital and inbound marketing is at the core of everything that we do, aside from implementing HubSpot CRM, establishing a strong social media strategy with an inbound approach is an important part of any school's student recruitment journey. It's time to utilise your digital channels, engage your prospects and convert interest into registrations.  

HubGem CEO & Founder, Gemma Price said:

"It’s exciting to be working with Emma and the team at Attenger Digital, they share our passion for digital marketing and supporting education providers to attract and engage with their customers. The Attenger team are highly knowledgeable and by working together we can help more schools and universities achieve their goals with effective lead generation and nurturing.”

Connected systems, effective processes and carefully considered strategies are key to success, HubSpot integrates all of your marketing tools - including social media and ads - so that all data is in one place. 

This partnership shows the commitment of both HubGem, and Attenger Digital, to supporting schools to implement effective digital marketing strategies. 

Learn more about Attenger Digital.

Learn more about how schools are using HubSpot. 


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