We are Insycle Partners!

HubGem celebrate partnership with Incycle. A data management solution that integrates with HubSpot to help keep your data squeaky clean.

We're super happy to announce that we are now officially partners with Insycle, a data management solution which integrates with HubSpot. 

What is Insycle?

Insycle is an online integration that helps CRM users update, organise and manage their customer data. Insycle's tools are designed to make mundane data work easier by streamlining and automating various processes. Insycle integrates with many popular systems, such as Salesforce, Mailchimp and HubSpot, and it has a scalable pricing system based on your number of contacts. One of the best things about Insycle however, is it's completely free for those with 5,000 or fewer contacts in their accounts (which is perfect for smaller businesses or organisations).

Learn how to use insycle with our blog,' Deduplicating Deals and Tickets in HubSpot'. 

How does this help our clients? 

Becoming a partner with Insycle is a win for absolutely everybody. Whilst the tool is free for accounts with less than 5,000 records (across contacts, companies, deals & tickets), those with larger databases can save 10% off their subscription just by using our partner link!  

Since we discovered Insycle, several of our clients have benefited from the features and tools at their disposal, most notably the 'Merge Duplicates' functionality, which allows Independent Schools (as well as other businesses and organisations) to deduplicate deals within their pipeline based on specific and custom criteria. This solves an extremely common pain point we see with our clients, who often have to manually manage duplicate deals in their database if they are automatically created after enquiry/registration form submissions. You can read more about deduplication specifically by clicking here. 

Insycle is a tool that almost everyone in the Education sector can take advantage of, which is bound to make a rather monotonous task instead a very streamlined and automated process!

As part of the partnership, HubGem also now have access to all of the data management tools that Insycle have to offer, meaning that we can experiment and test tools for our clients before them committing to a plan. 

In short, the partnership is beneficial to Insycle, to HubGem, and to any of our clients! 

What does this mean for HubGem? 

Insycle is becoming increasingly common for our Onboarding clients, and it's something that we are recommending more and more to save time and keep data clean. This tool is becoming extremely useful to us, fixing common pain points found for those using a CRM within the Education sector. With this in mind, we have invested a lot of time and training to ensure that we can set this software up during the onboarding process. Insycle is just another tool that HubGem can utilise to ensure your setup is more bespoke, automated and functional. 

How do I get started? 

You can get started with Insycle for free by visiting their website here.

We recommend having a look through the tutorials as you navigate through their tools for the first time, to learn a basic understanding of what each feature does. After that, we'd recommend making most of your changes in preview mode, so you can experiment without the risk of losing any data. Like with most things, the more you use it, the better you will be with it, but we're more than happy to advise and implement Insycle for schools universities and colleges. If this is a tool you think could be beneficial, please don't hesitate to get in touch, and we can look at getting your account set up! 

Expect more Insycle news from us in the coming months! Whilst we're confident with all things Deduplication, there are plenty of other data management tools that we're sure can bring value. We'll be exploring all the capabilities that this integration has to offer, and we can't wait to share any discoveries with you all! 

Read my step by step guide to  setting up Insycle in your HubSpot account - 'Deduplicating Deals and Tickets in HubSpot' 


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Olly Kenyon

Olly Kenyon

Olly is a Marketing & CRM Consultant who started his marketing journey in 2018 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, working at a small Lincoln-based Marketing Agency. Olly joined the servicing team at HubGem to support with technical work for clients, and assist with streamlining various marketing processes. When he’s not at work, Olly enjoys training and watching martial arts, playing video games, and being a dad for his pet tortoise, George.

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