Why Non-profit's use HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is our recommended CRM for Non-profits. Explore why non-profit organisations use HubSpot CRM, including website hosting, fundraising, donor...

Why non-profits use HubSpot CRM

Tools that scale your marketing, improve SEO, simplify reporting, and engage core audiences—all in one place.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is, at its most fundamental level, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. However, it is more-so an inbound marketing and sales software that enables companies to attract visitors, track and convert leads and close customers. Their tools enable you to host web and landing pages, easily create emails that can be automated, and manage interactions with your leads - and your campaigns can be tracked from start to finish, whilst tracking user behaviour so you know what works, and what doesn't. 

Why non-profit's use HubSpot CRM.

Traditional marketing methods like print ads, direct mail, and one-size-fits-all email newsletters are leaving non-profits and charities with frustrated audiences and empty pockets. The good news is that connecting with today’s audience online is more affordable and possible than ever. All you need are the right tools to get started.

Whether you’re looking to attract first time visitors, or re-engage lifetime members, make the most of your marketing spend with HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing platform, designed to help you drive the actions that matter most to your organisation.

HubSpot is partners with 3,500+ nonprofits around the globe, such as Greenpeace, WWF and IGNITE, all of which rave about how much easier HubSpot makes their business processes.

"HubSpot wasn’t just a tool in our campaign for voter registration, it was a tipping point for technology use at our organiSation. I now spend half my day nerding out on new ways to use HubSpot." - Kristen Rogers, IGNITE

Common use cases of a non-profit CRM

Website hosting 

HubSpot has many website themes that are specifically designed with non-profit organisations and your business set up in mind. With HubSpot you can build a website designed for optimised SEO, ease of lead capturing through embedded forms on your website pages and ease in taking donations via integrated payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. 

The website pages and landing pages functions in HubSpot allow for complete customisation to fit your brand and and the content you want to be hosted on your pages and building your website/ landing pages has been made incredibly easy to do.


The world is gradually becoming more digital and non-profits specifically have had to make a big shift online throughout the covid-19 pandemic with online fundraising and virtual fundraising events. Although raising money virtually as opposed to in person can have its disadvantages, it also has its advantages in that geographic limitations are non-existent in the virtual world and that opens up a much wider demographic to be targeted. 

HubSpot has all the tools you need in one place to keep up with the rapidly growing move towards technology. The CRM helps you to use an inbound strategy to drive traffic to your charity website, capture leads and take donations. 

Integrating a fundraising platform with HubSpot, like Classy, is a good way of being able to create personalised fundraising campaign's that enable you to segment donor types, track your donations on a deal pipeline, report on how visitors are coming to your site and what is converting them into a lead and/or donor and finally use workflows to automate the whole process. 

Managing donations 

HubSpot allows for you to collect, track manage and report on all your donations within the CRM.

Collect your donations by building a from within HubSpot that will redirect the customer to a payment page. This payment page can be directly from HubSpot to the URL link of a the payment page or,  a third-party integration like PayPal or Stripe, which usually works best. 

Track your donations through a deals pipeline, that allows you to see at what stage each of your customers are. The stages of this pipeline usually include, potential donor identified, donor qualified, donor contacted, donor engaged, single donation, recurring donation, donor lost/unqualified. We know that not all non-profit pipelines will look the same and thats why you can build bespoke properties that enable you to capture specific information for your organisation, for example the 'type of donation' and 'first time donor or return donor'. 

Manage your donations with 'keep-warm comms'. Sending emails is an easy way of doing this, especially as they can be automated and personalised with HubSpots smart content. Follow-up thank you emails once some has made a donation are essential, and you can also schedule emails to go out a month or so after the donation to showcase what the charity has been doing; this will make your donor feel valued and like they are helping to make a difference by donating to your charity. 

Report on your donations by creating a dashboard that shows all your reports like 'number of recurring donors' or keep-warm email open and click rates' all in one place. This makes it super easy for you to see all your data and figures that enable you to pick out parts that need improving or parts that are really working well. 

Member management 

Non-profit organisations often allocate a huge amount of time to managing their relationships with their current and prospective membersBeing able to automate and lessen the workload of membership administrators is one big benefit of managing memberships in a CRM system.  

Managing your memberships within a CRM has benefits not only for administrators but also marketers! By integrating your CRM with all of your marketing channels - emails, website, ads, social media - you will be able to gather insights about your prospective members to help convert them into members and gather insights about your current members to retain them and provide them with a more valuable membership offer. 

HubSpot CRM has 8 features that will help you manage your memberships. 

  1. 1. Membership database
  2. 2. Smart content
  3. 3. Social media management 
  4. 4. Event registration 
  5. 5. Donor management 
  6. 6. Automated renewals 
  7. 7. Reporting
  8. 8. Forecasting 

"We have over 1000 men signed up for our mental health service and have used HubGem’s personal approach, knowledge and guidance on HubSpot to improve our service users experience from initial interest to converting into a regular member. Anyone considering using HubGem will not be disappointed!" - Andrew Walker, Mentell (HubGem client)

Explore more ways in which HubSpot is useful for Non-profits here 🚀

Having worked with many non-profits in the past we have lots of experience and insight into the exact features of a CRM that will benefit you and understand your organisations needs. 

If you would like to book onto one of our upcoming CRM for Non-profit demos to learn more about why you need HubSpot please use the button below👇

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