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Marketing Hub: your starter, pro and enterprise features

Wondering which HubSpot package is the best for your organisation when it comes to Marketing Hub? Well I'm going to...

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HubSpot Paid Seats. What are they?

With HubSpot Sales and Service Hubs, any tier above free is on a pay-per-seat model. This means that in order to access...

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Using HubSpot in a Membership Organisation

Having worked in a large membership organisation for a number of years, I know first-hand the challenges faced by these...

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The all new and improved HubSpot Service Hub

Service Hub is stronger than ever with brand new features to match the level of service your prospects expect.

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Creating landing pages for your non-profit

Landing pages are uniquely powerful components of an organisation's digital marketing strategy and as you browse and...

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The Guide to Email marketing for non-profits

Email marketing is such a key component for non-profits who often work with scarce resources and somewhat limited...

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A guide to blog writing for non-profits

Blogging is an extremely valuable source of content for non-profit organisations. It is free, hosted directly on your...

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How non-profits can utilise HubSpot's starter tool: lists

In this blog we're going to explore one of HubSpot's specific tools that's available to users on Starter and above:...

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HubSpot Starter package tips and tricks for non-profits

Some of HubSpot's greatest features, such as automation, are only available on Pro packages. Often non-profits don't...

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Donorfy vs HubSpot for non-profits

Donorfy is a very popular CRM for non-profits, it comes straight out of the box with a bunch of relevant tools and...

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