Using HubSpot to market to feeder schools

How to use HubSpot to drive enquiries by effectively marketing to feeder schools.

Competition is high between independent schools at the moment and one of the ways that you can ensure your school stands out from the competition is by having an effective strategy to communicate with and market to your feeder schools.

How to store your feeder school data in HubSpot

Move over spreadsheets... HubSpot is a CRM system perfectly suited to storing different sets of data effectively. When managing feeder school data there are three key data sets which need to be considered; the feeder schools themselves, the contacts that work at the feeder schools, and the prospective students currently attending these feeder schools. By using HubSpot's Company, Contact and Deal objects, you have an out-of-the-box solution for storing each of these data sets and also managing and labelling the relationships between them.

By storing your feeder school data in HubSpot you will also be able to track all interactions with your feeder schools including emails and phone calls on the relevant records for all members of your marketing and admissions teams to see.

Marketing to your feeder schools

Once your data has been successfully imported into HubSpot, you can then start making use of HubSpot's suite of Marketing tools to create effective campaigns to communicate with your feeder school contacts, keeping them informed of any upcoming events in your admissions calendar. 


Use HubSpot's Campaigns tool to group together results from various marketing activities targeting your feeder schools in one useful overview.

Marketing emails

Use HubSpot's Marketing Email builder to create both regular and automated emails which can be targeted to your feeder schools. Perhaps you could create a monthly newsletter to send to your feeder schools with event updates and testimonials from new joiners settling into your school, showing why your school is the one they should be talking to parents about. Depending on the amount of information held in HubSpot about your feeder schools, you could even use smart content in emails to show different stories depending on the specialisms or target year groups for different feeder schools.

Landing pages

Consider creating a HubSpot landing page specifically for feeder schools where they can easily access any information they need about your school such as upcoming event dates, key contacts, areas of specialism and student testimonials.


HubSpot's blog tool could be used to create a blog specifically to target feeder school contacts or blog tags could be added to a whole school blog to highlight any articles which are directly related to feeder school contacts.

Reporting on your feeder school data

By storing your feeder school data in HubSpot and making use of HubSpot's marketing tools, you will gain visibility on how your feeder school contacts are interacting with your content. This can be viewed on a Contact's individual record and also reported on using HubSpot's suite of reporting tools. Examples of useful reports that you could create could be:

  • Number of interactions with your feeder school newsletter/emails
  • Heat maps of areas of interest on your HubSpot landing pages showing content pieces that are most interesting to your target audience
  • Numbers of students enrolled from each of your feeder schools

If you would like to find out more about how HubSpot can be used to improve how you market to feeder schools, then please contact us today for a chat.

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