We're at the British Boarding School Workshop in March

We're attending BBSW in March to talk all things HubSpot for Marketing and Admissions. Book an appointment with us, attend our talk or stop by our stand.

Here we go again…!  

We are delighted to be attending the British Boarding School Workshop (BBSW) event in March 2023, hosted by the  British Boarding School Network(BBSN). We absolutely loved the in-person ’22 November event and are even more excited for this one. 

Gemma  Price (CEO and founder of HubGem) and I, Chloe Snedden (Business Development Consultant) will be attending the in-person event on the  9th-11th March 2023 to discuss all things CRM for marketing and admissions! We will also be sharing an update on our HubSpot-iSAMS integration! 



Let's start with some questions you may have...

What is the British Boarding School Network (BBSN)? 

The British Boarding School Network (BBSN or BBS Network) is the core partnership between schools and educational agents; its main aim is to connect and successfully place thousands of pupils into member schools each year. The BBS Network offers all the contacts, knowledge and support that schools and agents need to effectively undertake their pupil recruitment and placement activities. 

What is the British Boarding School Network Event? 

Known as the ‘British Boarding Schools' Workshop’ (BBSW), these events are held bi-annually and are brilliantly efficient and well-organised – we love them!  

BBSW is being held in person at Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, London, UK on the  9th-11th March 2023. At this event, there will be an opportunity to network with quality educational agents, from over 50 countries worldwide. The whole process of the event is seamless with an easy online booking system allowing delegates to schedule individual, 20-minute introductory meetings across the two-day event. There will also be some dinner and drink receptions for *more* networking outside of these appointments 🙌 


Growth is at the core of everything we do here at HubGem, so to be able to connect with so many like-minded organisations is a fantastic opportunity for us!  We are really looking forward to chatting to the BBS Network's member schools who book appointments with us to explain just how fantastic HubSpot CRM is for education organisations! We will be holding a brief seminar on the Thursday as a pre-event opportunity to share a little more about how we help marketing and admissions teams transform the ways they are working. 

As well as the appointments and seminar we will also be at our stand during breaks/networking time for you to pop by and find out more if you are unable to book an appointment with us. 

HubSpot CRM for British Boarding Schools 

As Diamond HubSpot partners, we can’t rave about HubSpot CRM enough! And we have an ever-growing library of positive feedback from independent schools that we work with who value our passion and experience! We can help you set up your own HubSpot portal, and tailor it to your individual needs with our Onboarding service (more about that later…) 

You are definitely not alone when it comes to seeking solutions to your current disjointed or troublesome data processes and management strategies across marketing and admissions. Many schools share similar pain points and blockers within their admissions journeys, which much to their delight, HubSpot CRM can solve! 

The most stand-out challenges that HubSpot CRM can remedy are the following;  

  • A disjointed approach to marketing and admissions
  • Using multiple different systems (Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, RSadmissions...) 
  • Relying on a legacy MIS system to handle your communications 
  • Struggling to track conversions at every stage of your marketing funnel 
  • Difficulty keeping track of complicated international admissions and visa processes
  • Spending lots of time producing reports that are outdated the second you share them 
  • Struggling to collaborate between teams 
  • Marketing content not converting

Check out our newest blog on: How easy is HubSpot to use in Schools?

HubSpot CRM  for Agents

HubSpot is also a great tool for education agents (domestic and international) to help manage your school and parent relationships.

  • All-in-one marketing, sales and service platform that allows you to manage both your school and parent relationships
  •  One central record of communication
  • Use of marketing tools to attract good-fit families for your schools
  • Nurture leads with automated and personalised keep-warm journeys 
  • Available in 6 different languages 
  • Ability to send emails and schedule meetings based on different time zones

These are just a few of the benefits of using HubSpot. Check out our blog on: HubSpot for Education Agents


This year...

Gemma our CEO and Founder will be delivering a talk on the first afternoon of the event (Thursday 9th March) discussing all things “Transforming admissions and marketing using a CRM (customer relationship management) system”

Here is our synopsis: Many schools are gaining a competitive advantage by using CRM systems to manage their admissions processes. The benefit is having a central source of data to access prospective students’ and agents’ records, emails and interactions with the whole marketing and admissions team – all in one place – ensuring they know exactly where each family is in the pipeline at the touch of a button. School staff can set up meetings with families and agents using a simple to use online calendar which integrates with Zoom, Teams and Google Meet.  Marketing can analyse the interaction of each family with the schools’ website and social media to create more accurate and targeted communications leading to higher conversion rates from enquiry to enrolment.

One such CRM system is HubSpot. Gemma Price, CEO and Founder of HubGem will provide a presentation on how CRM systems can overcome the challenges and frustrations that schools have with the many different tools they currently use, with a live demonstration of HubSpot, showing how it is transforming admissions and marketing in schools.

So... Why HubGem? 

We are proud to be a multi-award winning, digital marketing agency specialising in helping education organisations grow by increasing their reach and improving their engagement. 

As a team, we thrive off of the impact that HubSpot CRM has on education and non-profit organisations! We believe that communication is the heart of any organisation and we are passionate about the importance of effective communication and the support that we can provide. 

We are genuinely excited to find new ways that tech can make a difference, and bringing these ideas to businesses to drive them forward in an increasingly digital world, is something we find incredibly rewarding! 

You may have seen that we recently became iSAMS Enterprise Partners, and we are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with the brilliant team at Cursor to develop the first-ever integration between HubSpot CRM and iSAMS. Designed to make data handling for Marketing and Admissions teams in schools easier than ever! This long-awaited integration is now live and being used in schools across the UK. Find out more about the integration here!

Feel free to browse our client case studies and reviews

Next steps...the exciting bit...

If you are a BBS Network member attending the event you can check out our profile on the BBSN portal and click the button below to book a 20-minute slot with Chloe/Gemma on either the 10th or 11th March. Bookings open on Thursday 9th February at 10am! 👇

Book an appointment! 

If you're not a BBS Network memberand would like to book some time together to explore whether HubSpot CRM is a good fit for you, we host regular demos where we walk through how to custom set-up a HubSpot portal to: 

  • Capture all the required data points on prospective families  
  • Have one central inbox for enquiries coming in across email, messenger, live chat and online form submissions 
  • Automate record creation from form submission (no more inputting data manually into systems) Bye bye spreadsheets! 👋
  • Seamless departmental collaboration via complete records of prospect communications and activity
  • Automated prospect and internal communications based on actions taken (e.g notify Registrar upon submission of the registration form and auto-send 'Thank you for your registration' email) 
  • Visualise your enquiry and admission pipelines
  • Live enquiries and applications reports (that can be scheduled to auto-send to SLT!) 
  • And so much more...

Book on to a HubSpot for Education demo using the button below: 

Book a demo

If you are interested in finding out more and want to chat prior to the event you can book a meeting with the team using the button below. 

Book a call


On behalf of myself and the HubGem team, we look forward to meeting you! 😊

Chloe Snedden

Chloe Snedden

Chloe is a Senior Business Development Consultant. Chloe has an array of skills and knowledge and a solid background in Early Years Education with the understanding of the importance of having a seamless system within the industry.

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