How easy is HubSpot to use in Schools?

Wondering 'How easy to use is HubSpot?' and considering it for your school? Read these tips and tricks to get started, what you need to know before...

How easy to use is HubSpot for schools?

If you’re considering HubSpot as a CRM (Customer relationship management) tool for your school, you’ll want to know how easy HubSpot is to use, what to consider before making a purchase and how an implementation partner can help ease the process for your team. 

It’s easy to get lost trying to figure out if HubSpot is right for your school, so we’ve created this short guide to help you through the decision-making process. 

Is HubSpot easy to use? 

HubSpot is the current global leader in CRM, due to its user-friendly application and integrated approach. Instead of having to use various platforms for different tasks, HubSpot has everything in one place, leading to a crafted and smooth user experience.  

Why choose HubSpot? 

  • HubSpot as a system is easy to use. HubSpot uses easy-to-understand terminology and a visually appealing design to ensure that working on the platform sparks joy! 
  • All your tools in one place. Tools such as Email Campaigns, Reporting and Analytics, Social Media, Internal Emails and Customer Information can all be found in one place, meaning less flicking between programmes, more accurate reporting and streamlined processes for the whole team.  
  • Excellent and free help to understand HubSpot tools. Although HubSpot is user-friendly, there are so many tools that it’s good to get extra help. HubSpot has chat tools, where you can immediately speak to a member of the team, and guides in the knowledge base to get you started.  
  • Team communication. The whole team can benefit from the features of HubSpot that allow everyone to place quick notes on accounts for other team members to see straight away, and integrated team email addresses. 
  • Drag and drop features. These features allow you to be fully in charge of the design of your website and marketing emails, without having to be a computer whizz. You can create your entire website using these features! Or simply create bespoke emails and landing pages.

    Marketing email drag and drop function

Preparing to install HubSpot 

  1. Research and understand if HubSpot is right for your organisation. Before taking the plunge, you’ll want to do some research to see what HubSpot can offer. What tools do you already have in place? Are your team ready for the change, and do they have the time to change to another system? Are there any other systems that may suit your school better? Do the research and make sure you have all the information you need before making a final decision.  
  2. Look into the different bundles. Think about which version of HubSpot your school will need, in terms of marketing contacts, price and users. HubSpot pricing will help you to understand the different bundles, packages and offerings of each.  
  3. Check out the HubSpot tools. Use the free tools on HubSpot to get an idea of how they can help your school. If you’re someone who learns by doing, you can get started for free, in order to have a feel for the platform.  
  4. Attend a free HubSpot Demo. Our HubSpot Demos are an hour and a half and will talk you through all the tools that you can implement in your school. This is a great time to ask a HubSpot expert any questions that you have.  
  5. Look into working with an implementation partner. Implementing HubSpot can take time, moving data from old systems, getting used to the new system and training all the necessary teams in your school. To make the process smoother, think about working with an implementation partner such as HubGem. 
  6. ISAMs integration. If you are already using iSAMs in your school and are looking to install HubSpot, think about how integrating the two systems would help. This brand-new integration makes the process easy, with no need to have double the data, or manually input your information into HubSpot.   

                     HubGem on Transparent                                         logos_integration_235x197

How can HubGem help? 

HubGem offers help with Onboarding and is an implementation partner for HubSpot. We provide expert advice on the trickier areas of set-up, and how to best utilise HubSpot for your company and talk you through the process every step of the way.  

We specifically work with schools in the education sector and have a great team, who have worked in the education organisations themselves and truly understand the processes from first-hand experience.  

Why do you need Onboarding? 

Onboarding allows your team to make the most out of your new CRM software, implement HubSpot across all your different teams and dissolve any issues that may arise along the way.  

What types of Onboarding do we offer? 

The Onboarding package you need will be reflected in the size of your organisation, the package you have chosen with HubSpot and the goals your company has. Baring this in mind, we have a few packages to choose from: 

  1. The Full Works! Our most popular onboarding for small to medium-sized organisations, that are planning to use most of the HubSpot tools and already have a basic understanding of digital tools. 
  2. Fundamentals. Using HubSpot Professional level tools, Fundamentals Onboarding is great for already tech-savvy teams, needing help understanding specific tools or schools with simple HubSpot processes.  
  3. Starter. A great package for those on the Starter HubSpot product, as there are fewer tools available to learn with this package. 
  4. Enterprise. For those working with Enterprise HubSpot products, a Senior Consultant will take you through the process and modify the Onboarding schedule to suit your needs.  

We also offer various other services such as re-onboarding, consultation and support packages to help with any of your other needs.  

To find out more about all the HubSpot tools and how they can help your school, please book a completely free Demo!

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Already attended a demo? Book a call with one of our consultants to discuss your needs further.

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Lydia McNeill

Lydia McNeill

Lydia is a CRM and Marketing Consultant, who will help you solve your HubSpot Onboarding issues with a friendly and flexible approach. Prior to working with HubGem Marketing Ltd, Lydia worked in the education sector as a Marketing Executive and so understands the specific challenges that her clients face when using HubSpot. With a love of learning, she is always up to date with the latest industry trends in the marketing and education sectors. Her listening skills and empathetic nature allow her to get to the heart of problems and produce solutions that work for everyone. Lydia has a 1st degree honours in Business and Marketing, and many years of experience working in different industries, including non-profit and education settings, allowing her to understand the needs of different clients. Lydia has a good sense of humour and enjoys singing, reading, writing, and anything else creative.

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