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Wellness Wednesdays at HubGem!

Read about one of HubGem's employee wellbeing initiatives - Wellness Wednesday. An afternoon each quarter for employees to focus on their mind, body & soul

Wellness Wednesdays

Our second Wellness Wednesday is coming up and we though we would tell you a bit more about what Wellness Wednesdays are all about and why we have them!

What is Wellness Wednesday?

At HubGem we dedicate one Wednesday afternoon per quarter for what we like to call 'Wellness Wednesday'. On this day, all employees block out their diaries in the afternoon for a wellness-based activity of their choice.

Examples of Wellness Wednesday activities include:

  • a long walk (with a furry friend)
  • a yoga class/retreat
  • some family time
  • a beauty treatment
  • time to relax with a good book
  • attend an inspirational talk

As long as it's nothing too productive and has absolutely nothing to do with work it's up to the team what they decide to do with their Wellness Wednesday. 

Why did HubGem start Wellness Wednesday?

At HubGem there is always a huge emphasis on the well-being of employees. Gemma, CEO and founder, is fully aware that sometimes there just isn't capacity outside of the working week to take time for your mind, body, and soul. Introducing Wellness Wednesdays means that employees now have an afternoon, each quarter dedicated to themselves. 

As a remote working company, we feel that sometimes you need to have even more of an emphasis on employee wellbeing. Maintaining that work-life balance when your office and your home are one, can often be more difficult. Therefore, Wellness Wednesday is a step towards helping employees manage their work-life with their well-being. 

We are only on the second Wellness Wednesday and so far so good. We all love hearing about what everyone else has gotten up to with their afternoon and sharing ideas about what we could do for future Wellness Wednesdays. 

The importance of employee wellbeing at HubGem

For Gemma, since growing the team, the wellbeing of HubGem employees has been front of mind. 

"I'm proud to be building a company from the ground up that prioritises company culture, we want to be a fun, flexible, inclusive and collaborative team and create a working environment in which our team and clients can thrive. As an employer, I am dedicated to keeping the wellbeing and happiness of my employees front of mind as we grow, with flexible working, an emphasis on work-life balance, and making sure that every member of the team feels heard. Wellness Wednesdays are just one way we can help our team balance their work-life with their wellbeing’ - Gemma, HubGem CEO

We really take pride in having strong employee wellbeing initiatives in place and having been recognised for our efforts is just the cherry on top. HubGem has recently won the SME News Midlands Enterprise, 'Company Culture Excellence Award' and have been named finalists for the Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards for 'Best Support for Remote Workers'.

Working for HubGem I really feel the care that Gemma takes to ensure that the whole team is able to maintain a work-life balance - I'm looking forward to participating in my first ever Wellness Wednesday!

Maybe this is something you would like to implement within your organisation? To find out more about HubGem's employee wellbeing initiatives, use the button below!

HubGem employee wellbeing initaitves!

Lizzie Jeffery

Lizzie Jeffery

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