Using HubSpot in a Membership Organisation

Explore how HubSpot CRM can help improve processes in a Membership Organisation.

Having worked in a large membership organisation for a number of years, I know first-hand the challenges faced by these businesses.

Membership organisations often offer a large number of different services with different prices for varying levels of membership which can often make managing services confusing. This coupled with complex processes including membership renewals, and numerous systems carrying out different functions can make it difficult to achieve your business goals. 

Using an all-in-one solution such as HubSpot could provide a seamless solution to a number of these issues. 

Use HubSpot automation to manage membership processes 

You could automate your membership renewal process using a workflow centred around a date property. This will enable you to send personalised email communications based on your member’s renewal date. You can also set up and assign tasks to your membership team to ensure no deadlines or internal actions are missed.  

Use one system for multiple business needs 

Using multiple systems for different business needs can result in a lack of reporting, lots of different costs and a flawed customer journey if these systems do not integrate successfully. HubSpot’s all-in-one CRM, Sales and Marketing software combines all the different tools needed for marketing, sales and customer service in one place, resulting in a seamless customer journey from a customer’s very first interaction, through to them becoming a member and beyond. 

Increase enquiries and memberships 

Use HubSpot’s marketing tools to engage with your prospects and convert them to members of your organisation. Use campaigns to accurately track your return on investment from your marketing activities. Track your prospects’ journeys from their first interaction with your organisation through to conversion, and tailor future marketing activity using those insights. 

Encourage collaboration between sales and marketing teams 

Using one system to manage both sales and marketing will mean increased visibility on the leads that marketing are providing to sales. Define the handover point from marketing to sales to ensure teams are aligned on the definition of qualified versus unqualified leads. Set up automated tasks for sales teams when a prospect takes a certain action to avoid miscommunication or leads slipping through the net. 

Track the information that you need 

HubSpot’s fully bespoke system can be set up to record the information relevant to your business. HubSpot CRM can be set up to manage complex membership structures and numerous services in one, user-friendly platform. 

Provide reports to Senior Managers or board members 

HubSpot’s reporting tools allow you to set up bespoke dashboards which can be automatically emailed to senior managers or board members at a time of your choosing. These reports could show membership leads generated per week, retained members at their renewal period, new members, services sold etc. 

For more information on how you could use HubSpot in your membership organisation, you can book a meeting in my diary using the button below.

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