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The tried-and-tested best education CRM set-up

Posted by Hannah on 29-Oct-2021 11:20:53

A well thought-out customer relationship management (CRM) platform is the key to student recruitment success. A CRM portal is a customer-centric system that helps education marketers and admissions teams to nurture relationships with prospects, utilising data-driven insights to evidence alignment with your educational offer and collaborative records to impress with your knowledge of their individual admissions journey. 

What is HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot is a digital platform to help your business grow. Not just to grow bigger, but grow better, in a way that is more efficient for both your teams and your customers.

It provides all of the tools you need to market, sell and provide amazing customer service, all in one place.

For schools, this means stepping away from the laborious processing of paper enquiry forms, endless spreadsheets of data and a disjointed approach from marketing to admissions and bring your marketing, admissions, senior leadership and admin teams together. More on HubSpot for Education here. 

Who else within the education sector is using HubSpot?

The HubGem team have worked in roles directly within education organisations and understand what unique challenges you face. We are HubSpot for education, and education marketing experts - and that's why those within the education sector who are looking for a better way to work, work with us. 

Our education clients including independent schools, online learning providers, higher education settings, international schools - amongst others. You can read our client case studies on our website here. 

Why we made the education CRM set-up template.

We onboard education marketers and admissions teams to enable them to effectively utilise the full capability of HubSpot CRM for Education. 

We work with a range of organisations within the education sector - independent schools, online learning providers, FE colleges and universities, teaching school hubs - and like to build completely bespoke CRM portals for each client to meet their unique needs and set-up.

But we found that often our clients are so busy with their day-to-day roles that they don't have the time to plan out their CRM portals. So, we did the hard work for them and created this Education CRM template.

What does the education CRM template include?

  • Property mapping,
    Properties for all the data points needed to store information about
  • Forms,
    Online forms to capture information and create records
  • Meetings links,
    Allow prospects to book directly into allocated time slots
  • Pipeline build,
    Interactive pipelines to track and manage enquiries and applications
  • Emails,
    Personalised email templates saved for automation
  • Automation workflows,
    Workflows built to automate key student recruitment processes
  • Dashboard build,
    Dashboards of reports to track KPI's and schedule to send to key stakeholders
  • Records customisation,
    CRM records customised to show bespoke properties and key information required for use as an Education CRM

These assets are designed to nurturing enquiries from first website interaction through to open day visits and enrolment all in their purpose built education CRM!

How do I get it?

If you are already a HubSpot user, great! Reach out to or book an exploratory call into our diary here:  

Not a HubSpot user? Not a problem! Book onto an HubSpot for Education demo and see the CRM template in action!

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