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The Difference Between HubGem and HubSpot

The difference between HubGem and HubSpot. What to we do and how to we work with HubSpot CRM?

We get asked time and time again about what HubSpot does and what we (HubGem) do and how the two companies are different. 

Hopefully, this blog will help clarify who we are, what we do and how we are linked to HubSpot. And yes, we appreciate the names are kind of similar so misunderstandings can easily happen!

What is HubSpot? 

In a nutshell, HubSpot is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that combines, marketing, sales and services processes all into one.  

HubSpot's three main products, all designed to work perfectly together, are:

Marketing Hub

Use HubSpot's Marketing Hub to share engaging content across your web and social channels, to produce tailored and effective email marketing campaigns, and ads. Save time and give your customers the best experience using automation tools and smart content. Optimise conversion rates with landing pages, calls-to-action and video hosting. Measure traffic analytics, report on marketing campaigns and create custom reports.

Sales Hub

Embrace a more efficient way of working with deal stage, task and lead rotation automation. Tailor your customer experience with one-to-one video creation and sequences.

Service Hub

Tools to help you engage with customers, guide them to solutions and turn them into ambassadors who help grow your business even more. With help desk ticketing, task automation for your teams, a helpful knowledge base to help your customers help themselves, NPS, support and customer experience feedback surveys.

HubSpot offers Starter, Pro and Enterprise packages to suit every budget. What package you go for, once again, all depends on the needs of your organisation.

What is HubGem? 

HubGem is a digital marketing agency specialising in implementing HubSpot CRM software into education and non-profits; so we are experts in using HubSpot and teaching other organisations how to use the system in the best way for their business goals and processes. 

I'll give you a couple examples. 

We work with a organisation called The Education Group (TEG), London. 

The problem: The team at TEG had been using HubSpot for a while but many features in their account remained untouched and their account was not set-up for long term success which was leading to friction as the company scaled to meet demand.   

The solution: We began by cleaning up their HubSpot account, which included custom development of a programme due to the volume of fields that needed processing. Once this was complete, we audited their account to highlight areas for improvement and worked closely with the team to help address the most urgent priorities first and also provide comprehensive training. We then went on to create a new university application form, map out and build full end-to-end international admissions journeys, integrated various other systems, and provide detailed reports for the company directors to illustrate conversions and impact of the company’s marketing efforts.  

We also worked with a non-profit organisation called Citywise, Manchester.

The problem: Citywise are a small charity that needed help with their marketing efforts, they were frustrated with the limitations of using Donorfy and were looking for a CRM that would be able to help them manage their volunteers and donations. 

The solution: We worked closely with their team to set up their HubSpot account for long term success, building bespoke gift aid properties and HubSpot forms that would take one-off and recurring donations and supported with setting up integrations to make systems work together – all on a tight budget. 

Browse our client case studies showing how we have helped their organisations and read our reviews.

P.S. We also offer marketing support and consulting and website services. 

How do we work together?

We are Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partners meaning we have the HubSpot seal of approval however, we do not work for HubSpot we work with them. Our clients come to us to help them implement HubSpot into their organisations because we have the expertise in setting up HubSpot accounts specifically for a non-profit or education setting. 

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