The all new and improved HubSpot Service Hub

Explore the all new Service Hub features in HubSpot: custom views, mobile inbox, inbound calling, channel switching, post-chat feedback and service analytics.

Service Hub is stronger than ever with brand new features to match the level of service your prospects expect.

Whether you’re new to Service Hub or an existing user, prioritise the experience you give your current and prospective families with an easy, connected platform that means you’re always there for those that need you.

When it comes to attracting new students to your school, college or university, nurturing them through the recruitment process and providing them with valuable and timely answers to their questions is more important than ever.  If you're using cobbled together systems that mean you're having to pull information from multiple platforms this can pull focus away from prospects and result in a decrease in enrolments. 

So let's get into it... what's new in Service Hub? 

Custom views: 

Being able to customise your workspace around your needs and preferences is super exciting as we all like to set up our workspaces differently. Help your team stay focused by giving them the flexibility to create views in the inbox that will help them get their work done efficiently. 

  • Create views based on ticket and conversation properties
  • Use ‘and/or’ operators to expand or refine your view criteria
  • View, edit, and delete views
Mobile Inbox: 

On the go customer experience.

  • All new design and improved inbox actions
  • Improved collaboration tools - @ mentions, comments, and email forwarding
  • Forward emails from the inbox
  • Efficiency tools: insert snippets and knowledge base articles in replies on mobile
  • Expanded integration with the mobile CRM allowing users to associate contacts to conversations
Inbound calling:

Currently in beta, inbound calling will enable customers to receive inbound calls inside HubSpot, supporting HubSpot’s help desk functionality.

  • Admins will be able to purchase a phone number from the calling settings page.
  • Admins will be able to assign the number to a user with a paid Service or Sales seat
  • Service Hub seat users can receive inbound calls on their personal device, and place outbound calls in HubSpot
  • Inbound calls received on a HubSpot-purchased number will be logged in HubSpot and can be leveraged across the CRM Platform for reporting, automation and conversation intelligence. 

    Channel switching:

Channel switching helps team members using the conversations Inbox to switch channels from Live Chat or Facebook Messenger to Email on a single thread while preserving conversation history both for the agent and for the end customer; increasing efficiency in replying to prospects with the information they need quickly.

  • Seamless switch from Live Chat / Facebook Messenger to Email
  • Customers get full chat or messenger history over email. When staff members switch from chat to email, the customer gets a complete conversation history without losing context

    Post-chat feedback: 

    Collecting feedback is vital to understanding the customer experience and making incremental improvements to your service for future prospective students and families. 

    With post-chat feedback, you will now be able to collect customer satisfaction feedback on your chat conversations directly from within the chat once the conversation has closed.

    Service analytics: 

Uncover key insights with industry standard out-of-the-box reports that help you deliver service that is both efficient and authentic. Service analytics comes with the reports you need built in, so you can unlock insights fast and resolve customer problems even faster. For example, measure post-support survey scores, average ticket response time, and overall support volume.

Customer portal:

Connected to your shared inbox, your customer portal keeps ticket conversations going between customers and reps, offers access to your company’s knowledge base, and can be customised to create an optimal customer experience.

Custom surveys:

You can create custom feedback surveys to send to your prospects. These surveys can have custom questions and options including star ratings, radio selects and single line text fields.

Start improving your student recruitment journey with HubGem!

Are you looking for better ways to work? Are you navigating between multiple different platforms and finding yourself missing pieces of a student's contact record? 

At HubGem we specialise in the implementation of HubSpot CRM, an all-in-one marketing, sales and service platform that holds all the information and tools you need to attract, engage and delight your prospects. 

Setting up your HubSpot account for success is no easy task and sometimes you may require an extra pair of hands (expert hands) to help you with the process of transferring all your systems into one. As Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partners, we're here to help and want all schools to be able to keep up with the rapidly changing marketing/sales/service landscape.

If you would like know more about how HubSpot can help your organisation use the button below to book an education specific CRM demo. 

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