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The tried-and-tested best education CRM set-up

A well thought-out customer relationship management (CRM) platform is the key to student recruitment success.

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How to Utilise Social Media in Each Stage of the student (buyers) Journey

Recent studies show that 58% of aspiring students use social media to look up schools they’re considering. Therefore...

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Where are they now? How to showcase your Alumni on Instagram

We all want to show off how well our alumni are doing out in the 'real world' to celebrate their successes, but also...

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How to measure the success of your school's admissions pipeline

Education marketers, registrars and admissions departments are often required to be monitoring and evidencing their...

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Be top of the class: our five marketing tips for the start of term

We want to start by wishing everyone returning to work in schools, colleges and universities all the best for the...

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Content tips for successful inbound education marketing

Setting your school apart from the rest nowadays is tough.

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Utilising SMS in your school marketing

Over 90% of SMS messages that are received, are opened and read.

Almost everyone in the modern world has a phone,...

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5 Steps to Create your School Instagram Strategy

With more than 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is definitely not a platform for you to be ignoring. 

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Google vs Facebook vs LinkedIn: Which ads are best for Education Marketing?

Adverts are a vital tool in attracting people to your school, college, or university. But which platform is best for...

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How to use your sustainable school efforts to increase engagement

With sustainability being such a hot topic globally, sharing your school's efforts across your digital platforms is...

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