Seven exciting new HubSpot features for education organisations

Explore the exciting new features announced by HubSpot in January, than will benefit education organisations.

The first HubSpot partner product update of the year was held in early January with members of the HubGem team attending to hear about exciting updates and additions to HubSpot’s functionality.

Here are some of the top new features for education organisations:

1. HubSpot is expanding into the quoting market
Currently available in beta for Sales Pro and Enterprise users, you can now create customisable quote templates. This can be done in two ways; by simply using drag-and-drop to add properties to a quote template, or, if you have CMS Hub, from scratch using custom code. You can also choose your own URL for the quote, hide modules, insert logos and images and add and edit properties within the template.

2. Schedule workflow triggers for a specific day or time
Now live for Ops Pro and Enterprise users, HubSpot workflows can be set to trigger on a specific day or time when a record meets a certain criterion. This is handy for automating internal communications/tasks such as: sending a slack message every Monday morning or updating tickets with today’s date. This feature could also be used when setting up workflows for event communications, such as sending out a reminder email at a certain time on the day of an event.

3. Create rich text properties in your CRM
You will soon be able to create rich text properties to capture complex summaries and build a detailed profile on your prospects. This new feature could be used to summarise a child’s extra-curricular activities, hobbies or education experience so far. You can add images, emojis and formatting to the text within the field. This feature is available for all Hubs, currently in public beta.

4. Include company properties in forms
Marketing Hub users are now able to include company properties in forms. This is particularly useful for capturing feeder schools for prospective pupils and therefore being able to monitor and report on which feeder schools provide the most new students each year.

5. Send proposed meeting times in an email
All users can now send proposed meeting times in an email allowing contacts to book the time that suits them best by simply clicking the link, instead of booking via a meetings link. Perfect for busy Admissions teams arranging visits and calls with prospective parents!

6. New Contact time zone property
Using the new predefined time zone property, you will now be able to easily see a contact's time zone. This is particularly useful when speaking to parents overseas.

7. Send or schedule an individual report email
Before, users could schedule and send an entire dashboard to themselves or their teams on a one-time or recurring basis. Now, all HubSpot users can also do this with individual reports as well. For example, a report showing Year 7 enquiries for 2022 could be scheduled to be emailed to the Headmaster every Monday morning.

To find out more about these new features and how HubSpot can help you grow better, book an exploratory call with one of our team today!

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Lizzie Jeffery

Lizzie Jeffery

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