New year, new CRM? How HubSpot can help transform the way you work in 2022!

Explore the ways HubSpot can transform the way you work at your education organisation in 2022!


2021 has been another turbulent year for many businesses including those in the education sector. With virtual events and hybrid learning still a crucial factor, the need for businesses to streamline processes and begin to work with a more digital mindset has never been so important.

As we move into a new year, and marketing plans begin to take shape, it is important to go back to basics and re-consider the marketing and admissions processes you have in place. It takes a huge amount of effort to ensure that new student targets are achieved year after year and implementing a new CRM system has the potential to revolutionise this process for marketing and admissions teams. 

At HubGem, we are experts in education marketing with our team having worked directly in roles within the education sector. From our experience, HubSpot CRM provides a perfect solution for education, offering a range of tools for marketing and admissions teams to attract and delight potential students and parents. 

What is a CRM? 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and in its simplest form, a CRM system manages customers (or students in this instance). Using a CRM allows schools to store all of their student data in one place, as opposed to using separate files, spreadsheets and systems - coined by HubSpot as "Frankensystems", a whole load of different systems used together to reach a goal.

HubSpot takes the stereotypical CRM system a step, or a few steps, further. HubSpot CRM incorporates marketing tools, sales tools, conversations tools, service tools and reporting tools, making it an all in one, easy to use system that can hold all your information. 

So, what makes HubSpot the perfect CRM system to use in education? 
  1. Automate administrative tasks - HubSpot is the only platform which combines marketing automation and a CRM which will enable you to automate time consuming administrative tasks. This could include communicating with prospects about upcoming events such as open mornings, right through to sending offer letters and the associated documentation to students. You can also automate the creation of tasks and set up reminders to ensure your team never miss a task again! 

  2. Easily keep track of communications with students, agents and parents - HubSpot allows you to track all conversations activity related to prospective and current students in one place. This enables all marketing and admissions colleagues to easily view and understand the status of an application, or easily refer to documents relating to the student. 

  3. Align marketing and admissions teams - The combination of HubSpot’s sales, marketing and service tools delivers the perfect all-in-one solution to deliver a seamless journey from enquiry to graduation. Read some of our testimonials from admissions and marketing teams who have revolutionised the way they work by using HubSpot. 

  4. Easy to use - One of the key issues when implementing a new CRM in education is a low adoption rate. However, HubSpot has been developed with user-friendliness at its core making it easy to understand and work with. At HubGem, we specialise in providing HubSpot onboarding to support you to though your HubSpot journey. 

  5. Scale as you grow - HubSpot offers a wide range of packages to suit every budget which can then be added to as you become accustomed to the software and recognise the value it will bring to your business. 

The HubGem team are HubSpot for education, and education marketing experts - and that's why those within the education sector who are looking for a better way to work, work with us. Our education clients include independent schools, online learning providers, higher education settings, international schools - amongst others. 

If you are interested in finding out how HubSpot can revolutionise the way you work, book onto one of our education specific demos using the button below!

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Lizzie Jeffery

Lizzie Jeffery

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