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HubSpot Marketing Hub: explore the tools available to you at Starter, Professional and Enterprise levels...

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Wondering which HubSpot package is the best for your organisation when it comes to Marketing Hub? Well I'm going to give you a breakdown of all the features and tools included at each level so you can easily see which would best serve you. 

Let's start off with the basics- Marketing Hub is your section within your HubSpot portal where you can, plan, create, track and report on all marketing aspects of your business. This includes creating marketing emails, social media scheduling and analytics. 

Now of course the more you pay the more you get, right? So naturally, as you move from Starter to Pro or Pro to Enterprise the functionality and tools available to you will increase - and maybe more beneficial for your organisation. 

Lets begin with Starter and work our way up. I am going to run through some of the most popular features of each Marketing Hub. I'm not going to go into too much detail for each tool, but enough to help you understand what you are getting at each level. 

Marketing Hub Starter 

First and foremost, with Marketing Hub Starter, you remove any HubSpot branding from your forms, pop-up forms, and emails, to create conversion points and lead nurturing opportunities that are reflective of the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. 

Landing Pages & Forms

Attract and convert qualified website visitors into leads. Create professional-looking landing pages and add customisable, mobile-optimised forms and pop-ups with no coding required. These features are great for lead generation and lead capture. Have prospects fill out forms that automatically pull their information through into HubSpot CRM, making their contact records rich and easy to see.


See the impact of your ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn. Use audiences to reach people based on their past interactions with your organisation.

Email Marketing

Create beautiful and optimised emails without the help of designers. Start with a template, customise your layout, and personalize your email for higher conversion rates. You can also gather insight into email health and performance. 

List Segmentation

Create static or active (dynamically updating) lists of contacts based on various segmentation criteria using properties in your CRM. Use them to send more relevant emails to targeted segments of your audience.

25 active lists and 1,000 static lists

For example, a list of people that have visited a specific website page more that once. Or those that have filled out a donation form or open day form. 

Contact records/ information

Track and manage all your contact information and activity in the same place you do your marketing. Use contact data for more relevant, personalised campaigns, and get full context into your leads’ activity over time.


Get all your essential marketing reports in one place. Learn which of your landing pages or forms are driving the most conversions, and get essential email, ad and contact analytics. 

10 off the shelf reports 

Marketing Hub Pro 

So, everything you receive on Starter you obviously receive on Professional. One of the main reasons Marketing Pro is popular is its automation.

Omni-channel Automation

Go beyond just automating your email campaigns. Omni-channel automation in HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional allows you to create highly personalised campaigns and automate them at scale across the channels that matter to your customers.

300 workflows that automate your customer journeys from ads, sending emails to updating properties and adding to lists. 

3rd Party Integrations for Workflows

Slack, Zoom, Asana... see more integrations here. Integrate your desired apps with HubSpot so that information can be shared automatically with the help of a workflow. For example, receive notifications via slack when you have been assigned a task. 

Social media

Manage your social media accounts, by scheduling posts to Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook etc, from within HubSpot. Track interactions, clicks and views to gain insight in how well your posts are doing.


Add a blog to your website to help drive traffic and post important information and updates that will benefit your prospects. All blogs can be created, written and published from within HubSpot. Access analytics on all blog articles to see how they perform. 

Collaboration tools

Collaborate with your team without ever having to leave HubSpot or break the flow of your work with integrated tasks and comments. You can @mention other teammates,assign them tasks, format your comments, and view your conversations in an integrated collaboration panel right inside HubSpot.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) tools

This includes features like company scoring, properties, templates, off the shelf reports and targeted marketing automation.

Marketing Orchestration

Without seamless alignment between teams, even the best campaign plans can’t be successful. Marketing Orchestration allows your teams to be more productive and stay aligned with Campaign Management and Marketing Collaboration tools that make it easy to plan, execute and collaborate on campaigns.


Easily manage campaigns in HubSpot by grouping related assets and content together for better campaign management and improved team alignment. Measure the effectiveness of each campaign at a glance, set campaign goals, assign owners and define your audience.

Marketing Hub Enterprise 

Once again, HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise comes with all of the Starter and Pro features plus a bunch of other super advanced features that take customisation, automaton and reporting to the next level. 

Greater Scalability

With HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise, HubSpot has doubled the limits across workflows, lists, and more. You can create up to 500 custom reports, 50 custom dashboards, 1,000 workflows, and 300 teams, as well as having the flexibility to increase these limits if your team grows.

Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution

Automatically connect every customer interaction to revenue, so you can make strategic decisions rooted in business value — not vanity metrics. Built for real people — not data scientists.

Adaptive Testing

No more need for manual test setup or measurement. Use advanced machine learning to continuously and automatically run tests and optimise your website’s conversion rates.

Custom Objects

With custom objects, you can capture data in HubSpot that’s unique to your business. Create new segments and build customized reports, campaigns, and workflows that leverage CRM property and contact data in HubSpot—plus custom data unique to your business, like product usage or inventory data.

Team-Based Partitioning

Better organisation of your team means a cleaner database and increased productivity. You can assign all your marketing assets by team so every user has access to the right content.


If you would like any more information about HubSpot's Marketing Hub and how certain levels may have more benefits for your organisation that others, then please don't hesitate to book a call with us. 

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