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Introducing our new and improved onboarding hub!

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Customer Onboarding Hub, which is bursting with new resources and guidance for education and non-profits!

onboarding hub

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Onboarding Hub, which is bursting with new resources and guidance for education and non-profit organisations who are just starting out on their HubSpot journey with us. 

The Onboarding Hub has pages packed with resources, blogs, videos & downloads for every step of the Onboarding journey, it's designed to make the onboarding period simple and fun, with everything you need right at your fingertips. 

It's just a year ago that our Onboarding Hub was launched and in this time dozens of our clients have enjoyed learning from its resources. We wanted to make the experience more interactive and will be continuing to add more content - especially video guides - in the coming months to provide even more value to our Onboarding clients.

What is HubSpot Onboarding with HubGem?

HubSpot Customer Onboarding is what we call the implementation period with your new software. How your implementation goes will directly determine the long-term success of HubSpot at your organisation and the impact it makes on lead generation and student/supporter recruitment. As HubSpot for Education and Non-Profit experts, we use the onboarding period to help you with technical and strategic advice aimed at making your HubSpot implementation a success. 

What does the new Onboarding Hub look like?

The new and improved Onboarding Hub is built on the Virtual School Experience platform, and is designed to offer a visual and interactive experience. It has every step of the Onboarding journey listed along the left hand side of the screen. These sections will correlate with the that calls you have scheduled with your Growth Consultant throughout your Onboarding.

You'll be able to refer to relevant documents and information post-call, and if you're really keen you can read up on the information prior to your call!  

HubGem Customer Onboarding Hub

Our Professional Onboarding features 27 stages in total, with all information easily accessible within the Onboarding Hub! We also have a page dedicated client support, where extra support tasks can be requested.

Here's a preview of the 'Contacts' page, with all of the tools you need at the start of onboarding. Every stage includes an introductory video, and a mixture of documents, blogs, links, downloadable resources, and additional learning.

Resources Available on Onboarding Hub

HubGem CEO and Founder, Gemma Price, explains how organisations will benefit from our new Onboarding Hub:

"We are always looking for the best ways to support our education and non-profit customers as they embark on their HubSpot journey. Our new Onboarding Hub will provide a one-stop-shop full of helpful resources for education marketers and admissions teams.

"Since launching back in 2019, we have worked with clients around the world who are embracing HubSpot as a new way of working. Our sector-specific onboarding is tailored to provide the best possible learning experience and our new onboarding hub is another way we are providing value to our wonderful customers.

"We cover a lot of content in those first 90 days of training, and busy departments with a range of priorities need to be able to access learning resources when best suits them. By introducing our Onboarding Hub, we are able to provide all the resources, templates and tools that support our training, alongside links to further learning and education-focused further reading."

Check out our brand new Onboarding Hub:

New Onboarding Hub


Interested in HubSpot Onboarding for your Education or Non-profit Organisation?

Our extensive Onboarding covers all aspects of HubSpot implementation and strategy, with sector-specific help throughout the journey. We have a range of Onboarding packages to suit organisations of all shapes & sizes. If you're interested just click the button below to book some time with one of our experts.

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Gemma Price

Gemma Price

Gemma is CEO & Founder of HubGem. Gemma is an expert in HubSpot CRM implementation for schools and non-profits and has experienced first hand the the benefits of using HubSpot within an Independent school.

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