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An insight into being a HubGem Apprentice

A summary of the day to day life of being an Apprentice at HubGem!

Before we start here's a quick introduction to me and my job role at HubGem. I'm Katie, HubGems' Apprentice Marketing & CRM Executive and I'm going to tell you more about what I do day to day, and what my apprenticeship involves.

Let's start with an overview of everything I do as an apprentice...


I started my Apprenticeship at HubGem in August 2022, since then I have gained a lot of HubSpot and marketing experience and knowledge. My main role is to work alongside our Senior Marketing Executive, Maddi, to produce all of our marketing content. I do 4 days working at HubGem and 1 day per week attending Lincoln college to complete my level 3 Digital marketing qualification as part of the apprenticeship.

So in this blog I'm going to explain my experience at HubGem and what it is like being an apprentice.


A significant  part of my learning has been on and off the job training, as this is a requirement of the apprenticeship. My off the job training is my one day per week at college.  Since starting at HubGem I have completed a lot of HubSpot Academy training and general digital marketing training, I have already gained 5 HubSpot Academy certifications. I have a monthly training plan to make sure my college training and work training are both aligned. 

One aspect of my on the job training has included joining client calls to gain customer service experience and receiving 1-1 onboarding by one of our consultants, Lydia. This have given me much more knowledge about HubSpot and the marketing tools, which is essential for my everyday work. 

Katie HubSpot Academy certifications



As mentioned, as an apprentice there is a requirement to attend college one day per week to work towards the qualification. The college course includes different modules with exams and assignments that relate to what you're doing at work, and a final large assessment at the end of the course.  

So far I have passed the first module which was BCS Level 3 in Marketing Principles where I learnt all the basics to marketing. Now I am working on the HTML and Coding unit and will have to take an exam for this in the next couple months. My first assignment is to plan, create and report on a campaign at work.

Being an Apprentice at HubGem

I've covered the basics of training and college life, so here's what I do day-to-day at HubGem. Since I started in August I've been very supported; my manager, Kayleigh and mentor, Maddi, have helped me align my college requirements with my work role very nicely. I started off with the basics of learning how to use HubSpot and supported Maddi with social posts, blogs, newsletters, emails and some event campaigns. Now I have sole responsibility for social posts, our internal newsletter and our monthly client newsletters! 

I have weekly check-ins with Maddi and Kayleigh to see how everything is going, give updates and ideas on  our marketing, and give me any help I need. As this is my first time working in a fully remote team it's been very easy to stay connected to everyone via Slack and teams calls, and there's always help available. 

Another one of my tasks is blog writing and I have now written 6 for our website, including this one! These blogs have been about a variety of different topics- Hubspot, events, our team days and even one about Marketing Principles which I was learning about at college. This is a great part of my apprenticeship as it helps me to improve my HubSpot and general digital marketing knowledge! 


Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as an Apprentice Marketing and CRM Executive at HubGem; I look forward to the rest of my apprenticeship and continuing to develop my knowledge and skills!

Katie Hill

Katie Hill

Katie is an Apprentice Marketing & CRM Executive. She studied A level Business and Media where she found her passion for marketing.

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