HubSpot's Third-Party App Integrations and Why Businesses Need Them

Interested in integrating your tech-stack? From finance to social media to eCommerce, with 900+ apps in the HubSpot marketplace connect your way to growth!

HubSpot's Third-Party App Integrations and Why Businesses Need Them

The HubSpot software offers a wealth of resources that help you manage and grow your business. Their CRM system covers every aspect of a company, from the sales and marketing teams to social media marketing, content management, web analytics, SEO and automation services. However, another aspect significantly improves the productivity of your company: HubSpot’s third-party app integrations.

What are HubSpot app integrations and how to add them?

HubSpot’s third-party app integrations connect your software to the applications you use to create a central hub for all of your information and data without the need to enter the data manually. HubSpot offers nearly 1000 app integrations, out of which 290 are completely free-to-use, so you could optimise your data centre and reduce the time spent moving information across systems at no extra cost!

Through integration, software from all areas of an organisation’s processes are linked together, offering integrations for eCommerce, customer success, content, lead generations and more. Some of the integrations provided include advertising integrations such as Facebook Ads and AdRoll, ABM integrations such as Metadata or CaliberMind, analytics and data integrations such as Databox.

In order to add integration to your HubSpot portal, you need to go to HubSpot’s App Marketplace and use the search bar to find and connect your favourite tools.

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You can also use the sidebar to navigate categories, such as popular apps, new apps or free apps. The marketplace also allows browsing by specific business areas, such as finance, marketing or sales. These categories can help you find new apps that may benefit your business. For example, your teams may have exclusively communicated through emails; however, if you use Slack, teams will have a much easier time finding work-related emails and topics and collaborate more efficiently.

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Five commonly used categories of app integrations

This blog post will focus on five categories of app integrations:

  • eCommerce
  • Data management
  • Events
  • Finance
  • Social media

    eCommerce integrations help your business learn what customers and visitors do when they are on your website. It lets you know when visitors are abandoning the website or their carts which helps you understand where re-engagement content is needed to regain their interest. The app marketplace offers a vast number of eCommerce integrations, WooCommerce, Shopify and DepositFix being just a few of the most popular ones.

    Data management integrations help your business gather and use data from various sources to efficiently map out and manage the customer journey, allowing automatic optimisations of the results yielded by marketing and advertising campaigns. The app marketplace has over 40 data management apps, some of the most popular being Import2, Google Sheets and Insycle Data Management.

    Events integrations simplify every aspect of hosting an event, allowing contacts to directly book meetings with you and update all the information related to contacts after the event. The HubSpot marketplace currently offers ten event integrations, the most popular being Eventbrite, Splash Event Mgt. Software and atEvent.

    Finance integrations help your business track all customer information and actions in real-time, providing triggers and alerts when payments are received and telling you when a customer is ready for delivery. Some of the most popular finance apps on the marketplace include QuickBooks Online, Xero and Chargebee.

    Social media integrations allow your business to learn about your followers, what type of content they interact with, what content they share, and it will enable you to automate specific parts of the company’s social media strategy. A few of the most popular social media apps on the HubSpot marketplace include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

    Each HubSpot integrated app has a personal integrations page that provides images and demo videos at the top of the page. The page also tells you if your current HubSpot plan is compatible with that integration, information that can be found on the right-hand side of the page. Every app page also provides other valuable and relevant resources, such as links to support and setup guides on the right, feature highlights and any applicable pricing in the middle section and reviews at the bottom of the page.

    Interested in integrating your tech-stack with HubSpot? 

    Reach out and let us know the current software you are using within your business and our solutions consultants will get back to you with the best way forward! 

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