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Make an impact with a bio video for your email signature

Posted by Abigail on 2:24 PM on December 8, 2020

Bio videos are a quick, simple, effective way of humanising your school or college and increasing engagement. Here's how to use bio videos in email signatures to increase your conversion rates.

Integrating video content is proven to be effective and you should aim to adopt video elements into all aspects of your school or college's marketing strategy.

Break the conventional template of email signatures by adding a bio video, and your institution will stand out from the crowd.

What is a bio video and what should I include?

A bio video is a short video (typically 90 seconds long) where team members introduce themselves. The aim of the bio video is to humanise your school or college by providing a personal message from your team members. This will allow the audience to feel more connected to your organisation.

There are two main aims of a bio video which can be achieved through the content you produce. The video should explain the team members’ role in your school or college, and perhaps include what they love about their job. This will reinforce the positive image of your institution as team members project their passion for their work. In addition, a bio video should include a bit of personal information about what the person does when not at work. Some suggestions could be talking about hobbies and interests, what was your favourite subject at school, favourite books etc.


Who should create a bio video?

It's great to get as many colleagues as possible to get involved! All members of your institution should be encouraged to create a bio video.

During their journey through the admissions funnel, your audience will interact with a variety of team members so it’s important to get everyone in your school or college involved – ranging from your Admissions Team to Heads of Department to Tutors.


Why should I apply my bio video to my email signature?

Increase your connections
Bio videos are often used in the ‘about us’ section of websites, although they are underused in email signatures. Email signatures can in fact be a key marketing tool since they make bio videos even more accessible. By providing a thumbnail of your video on your email signature, your audience are more likely to click on it. Research has shown that there are 25-30 more views per month on a video when it has been applied to an email signature. That’s an extra 25-30 people that feel more connected to your team members and institution!

Stand out from the crowd
The use of video is increasingly important for success. Get ahead of the curve by utilising bio videos in your email signatures. This will allow your school or college to stand out and leave an impression on prospects before this tool becomes mainstream.

Beneficial at all levels of the admissions funnel
Bio videos in email signatures allow you introduce yourself much earlier in the admissions process. This will increase engagement and create relationships more rapidly; these relationships can be maintained at all stages of the admissions funnel. This personal touch will make prospects feel that they are already part of the school/college community, which is pivotal in increasing the likelihood of enrolment.

Easy to create
These 90-second videos are simple to create. If you have the tools to do so, a professional set up is preferred. This will allow consistency in your video quality amongst your team members. You could also choose to create a mobile video which can be equally effective. The key is to communicate the personality of your institution.

How do I create a bio video and analyse its success?

Software like Vidyard will allow you to create a thumbnail for your video and link it within your email signature. You will easily be able to see how many views your video receives and how long people are watching the video for.

We offer video email training to assist your school or college in optimising your bio videos in email signatures. Book a free consultation to discuss how bio videos could work for you.

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