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Christmas Marketing Ideas for your School, College or university

Eleanor Ball
Posted by Eleanor Ball on 01-Dec-2021 15:36:02

Christmas is an especially busy time of year in education, and with lots going on it is important not to forget to focus on your marketing content. Here are some content ideas to make an impact over the Christmas period. 

Planning marketing campaigns months in advance will help you ensure the smooth running of content throughout busier periods. However, it's not always possible so if you are struggling this year or need some extra stocking-filler content, here are a few ideas that you can use now and some others to think about ready for next year.

Christmas Message Video

Traditionally in the UK on Christmas day we all sit round and listen to the Queen's Christmas message and thoughts for the year ahead. This doesn't need to be reserved for royalty - your school or college can do this too!

A Christmas video message to be emailed out to prospective students and parents over the holidays is a great way of communicating your warm wishes as well as updating them with your thoughts and reminders for the upcoming year and events. Whatever your message, it is important to keep the video informal, on-brand and personal. Open with a Christmas theme (like community spirit or charity) and highlight how your school incorporates this theme year-round.

Keep your video short and sweet, try to stick to no more than 5 minutes for your message using one or two key members of staff or students in leadership roles. The video can be posted through your college or school marketing platforms you can also add your video message into an end of year email or newsletter- make sure you link this to a campaign.

Christmas Greetings

Everyone loves receiving post, consider sending Christmas cards to prospects and show them that you care. This card may be on-display throughout the festive period so make sure the cover is creative, memorable and authentic - this could show your campus looking festive, or could be student artwork. You can be as creative as you like with your design incorporating your school colours with a warm Christmas greeting.

Not sure about posting a card? A creative and personalised email greeting to your prospects is another simple way of reminding your prospects that you care over the Christmas period.

Christmas Showcase Virtual Event

Under normal circumstances schools and colleges would be hosting audiences for nativities and work showcases for parents and families at the end of term. With some schools having in-person audiences on-hold this year, continuing to host a virtual Christmas showcase also has many benefits and is something to consider in your planning. 

Hosting an online event means that you can reach a wider audience and can see clearly what 'visitors' interacted with. Online showcases are also an opportunity for further lead capture and conversion to drive prospects through your funnel.

Prospects will use these events to gain further knowledge on your school or college with particular focus on your performing arts or other featured department. Show off your students’ talents and allow the audience to be impressed by the impact of your education. Hosting events in person are important, but virtual events still provide excellent insight into your target audience and increase accessibility.

12 Days of Christmas Social Media Campaign

Once into the new year, you have plenty of time to plan ahead to next Christmas. Consider a 12-days of Christmas campaign to act as an advent countdown with content surprises for your followers.

A Christmas countdown content campaign is a great way for departments to share what students have been working on in their subjects. Provide value to your audience, perhaps offering 'how to' videos and entertaining pieces in the lead up to Christmas. In a campaign like this, consistency and planning is key, build momentum and excitement whilst highlighting the talents of your students.

This Christmas marketing idea may take more time to execute but will be highly effective in generating interest and engagement, after your Christmas break you can hit the ground running in the new year by planning your content in advance to make the biggest impact and ensure you are prepared.

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