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Gemma is Founder and Education Growth Consultant at HubGem Marketing. With years of experience in education marketing and leadership roles in schools and colleges, Gemma hopes to share her passion for digital innovation to help marketing and admissions teams.

Recent Posts

Video: inbound marketing for schools Q&A

In the first of our Q&A video series, we ask the big question for independent schools: what is inbound and how can...

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HubSpot or Mailchimp? choosing the right platform for your school

School marketing departments are busy places with a wide range of priorities which means it is really important to...

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Why use HubGem: Marketing and Admissions Specialists?

Planning your student recruitment strategy for 2021-22? Here are some reasons you should trust HubGem to help.

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HubGem expands team and web services

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our team and introduction of new digital and website services.

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Professional development: Inbound marketing and more

With countries locked down and many people and businesses working remotely, the world is seeing a rapid shift to...

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Still using spreadsheets? Transform your admissions efforts in 2021

Does your admissions process need a revamp? Marketing and Admissions departments are busy places and with so many...

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10 Things to Avoid in Your Email Newsletters

Schools and colleges are bursting with heartwarming and inspiring stories, but whether or not they make an impact...

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Creating the perfect Instagram profile for your school

Instagram continues to grow and it is more important than ever that school marketers include the channel as part of...

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How to get your team to embrace a new CRM

There are lots of ways that a CRM can help education organisations, from streamlining your processes, improving the...

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5 ingredients of an impactful education marketing plan

Do you take a look at your team's marketing strategy every year? Creating an annual marketing plan can keep you on...

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