All aboard Onboarding! The meaning and benefits of HubSpot Onboarding.

What is Onboarding? Learn about how HubSpot Onboarding can help your education or non-profit organisation.

The Benefits of HubSpot Onboarding

Hey-ya! My name is Cris, and I am one of the Marketing Consultants at HubGem, which means I am part of the team that works directly with clients, delivering HubSpot Onboarding sessions, providing technical support, and handling accounts depending on the project set-up tasks. 

Now, you may wonder what Onboarding is or how it can benefit you in your HubSpot journey. These are brilliant questions that I will answer in this article!

What is HubSpot?

I'm just going to go back to basics and give you a quick recap of what HubSpot CRM is before we go any further.

HubSpot is a digital platform to help your business grow. Not just to grow bigger, but grow better, in a way that is more efficient for both your teams and your customers. It provides all of the tools you need to market, sell and provide amazing customer service, all in one place.

Whether it is the first time you are employing a CRM or switching to HubSpot from an existing system, moving to a new CRM can be a daunting and lengthy process; even if HubSpot is specifically designed to be the most user-friendly CRM software. You suddenly have access to all of these new and handy tools and elements, and there are so many exciting ways of using the system, complementing various tools and connecting them to each other, employing app integrations and more. So it may seem overwhelming no matter how simple the system is, and you may not know with what specific tool or element to start when setting up your account; this is where HubSpot Onboarding comes in handy.

What is Onboarding?

Now, you may be wondering, “what exactly is Onboarding”? Great question!

Well, Onboarding is the nurturing process that allows new users and customers to get acquainted and comfortable with using HubSpot. This is achieved by providing step-by-step training and guidance, tutorials, support and celebrating each success milestone.

Via Onboarding, we showcase each HubSpot tool available in your account, from Starter to Enterprise packages, as each level has its perks, resources and limitations. It explains where to find each feature, how to set up and use each tool specifically for your organisation's needs, and how it can be tied to other features, etc.

We can use a quick analogy to showcase the importance of Onboarding.

Imagine that someone gives you a lavish batch of baking ingredients and tells you that if you use all of them, you can make this fantastic 10-layer and 10-flavour cake... but you get no instructions. Without any guidance, you may not be able to make the fantastic cake they mentioned. Perhaps you can use some of the more familiar and intuitive ingredients to make a basic chocolate cake or recreate some flavours and layers but it's not 100% the same. Or perhaps you’ve never baked, so you don’t even know how a cake is made, thus getting limited to no value from the lavish ingredients.

However, if you had a tutorial, video instructions and someone to teach and guide you, you would be able to learn how to make each layer and each frosting, replicating them with the utmost precision, thus using all of the ingredients available and making the most fantastic cake possible.

Now, I want cake...

This is pretty much the case with HubSpot’s CRM. If you’re just handed a brand new system with many different tools and elements, you may not know where to begin, the correct order to set them up or the most efficient way of using them. So, instead of making the most out of it and fully utilising all of the tools as soon as possible, you get limited value purely through trial and error. This is why Onboarding is vital when starting your HubSpot journey, as we are here to provide guidance and support, help you get used to the new software and all its tools and provide step-by-step set-up lessons for all features.

Why HubGem for Onboarding?

Whereas HubSpot’s own Onboarding provides a comprehensive understanding of the system and its tools, HubGem provides sector-specific onboarding tailored for education and non-profit organisations. We use our knowledge and experience in the industry and with past clients to personalise and tailor the tools to your specific sector and provide comprehensive training, showcasing the HubSpot elements specifically for your industry and according to your needs and goals.

We train you from the ground up, presenting and showcasing all HubSpot features in the most logical order and according to your account’s subscription level and your Onboarding option. We’ll establish the base knowledge and then build up to more complex elements, showcasing how to harmonise them and enable them to work together to create a streamlined CRM system for your institution.

We are HubSpot and inbound marketing specialists with years of experience across the education and non-profit sectors.  

Our first-hand experience in:  

  • Private and state schools  
  • International schools  
  • Further and higher education  
  • Colleges universities  
  • Online training providers  
  • Membership organisations  
  • Fundraising organisations  
  • Non-profits and charities  

....means we are uniquely placed to help you streamline processes and increase the impact of your marketing and fundraising efforts.  

We are Diamond tiered HubSpot partners, and are experienced in helping both education and non-profit organisations implement HubSpot CRM and marketing tools to make their growth goals a reality.  

We work closely with HubSpot to make sure that the organisations we work with get the best possible experience.  

We are trusted by education and non-profit organisations across the globe with 100% 5-star ratings from our customers. You can view our reviews here.

HubSpot packages and Onboarding options

I have mentioned that every HubSpot level offers different perks and limitations. The higher the level, the more available tools, and the ‘limit’ on existing tools increases.

For example, if you have Starter Marketing Hub, you have up to 1,000 marketing contacts included in your subscription, so you have 1,000 people to whom you can send marketing emails. However, if you have Professional Marketing Hub, you have up to 2,000 marketing contacts included. As your hubs increase in level, so do the limits, and you also get access to more tools. For example, creating records of your deals need to be done manually on Starter accounts, but this can be done automatically via workflows on Professional or Enterprise. If you would like a complete list of features, perks and limits for each hub level, you can find these in HubSpot’s Product and Service Catalog.

We offer a range of Onboarding plans designed for those using Starter, Professional and Enterprise HubSpot products. 

You can view our Onboarding options here.

I hope this blog has been enlightening about the benefits of doing Onboarding when implementing HubSpot CRM into your organisation. 

If you have any more questions about Onboarding, or are wondering which option would be best for you, please don't hesitate to book a call with one of your HubSpot CRM specialists. 

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