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5 ways that custom objects can improve college marketing and admissions

Posted by Gemma on 1:18 PM on October 2, 2020

HubSpot's recent announcement of the new Custom Objects feature offers colleges more flexibility than ever before to customise and report on specific areas of their student's journey from stranger to enrolment.

Here are five ideas for using Custom Objects in college marketing and admissions:


Creating a custom object to log enquiries is a great way to see the students who are most interested in your colleges, using custom object properties you can log specific courses or subjects of interest and report on college-wide enquiries for course areas giving your more insight into your top-of-the-funnel pipeline.

Open Event Visits

A visit to an Open Event shows a further level of commitment from a prospective student, using custom objects for Open Event attendance will allow you to track over time this key conversion event. The decision making process for students choosing a college can be years in duration, a custom object for Open Event attendance will allow you to see every event they have attended since their journey with your college started.


Using a Custom Object to manage your agent database will allow you to benefit from the full CRM capabilities of HubSpot to communicate with agents without mixing agent data into your prospect database. By choosing to associate your Agent custom object with Contacts, you can track which students came from which agent and look for trends over time. Easy identification of which agents are driving the most enrolments and therefore revenue for your college is key to those who welcome international students. 


An Applications Custom Object is a great way to track the transition from marketing to admissions in a prospect's journey. Keep all data relating to an application in one place and using custom objects you can report on any element of your applications to get greater insight into the students that are converting. Run reports on how many people from a specific event converted into applications, how many enquiries for a specific course resulted in applications, or how many applications were received from a specific postcode.

Short-Course or Summer School Attendees

Custom Objects allow you to keep those interested in short-course or summer schools separate from your main college admissions pipeline. Handle your marketing for these courses separately and report on ROI or conversions independently of your wider college efforts. 

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