10 Crystals for the workplace

Discover the top 10 crystals to help you in the workplace!

Throughout  history, crystals and gemstones have been valued for their distinct properties, both physical and metaphysical. Stones that could emote a particular feeling in a person, or simply a shiny crystal with aesthetic value. Just like magpies, humans have always been attracted to the shinier things the world offers, so how can we incorporate  these benefits  into our work place?

Our modern working environments are so far removed from the world where crystals and  gemstones are valued by the masses for their properties. However, that doesn’t mean their value is lost to us. In this article, we will be exploring 10 different crystals that could benefit you and your team, whether you’re a believer or not, at the very least it can’t be denied a beautiful crystal lights up any room!


Communication - Aquamarine

Communication is important in every aspect of life, even more so in business environments. Effective internal and external communication keeps the business alive and productivity flowing. Aquamarine is the perfect crystal to help support effective communication in any workplace. Long revered for its calming properties, Aquamarine is said to quiet the mind of stress and help create a sense of ease, which can benefit our ability to communicate in situations we find to be stressful. Of course, it goes without saying, that Aquamarine is a beautiful crystal, certainly one I’d be happy to see in my office.

Raw Aquamarine

Creativity - Citrine

Creativity is a valued attribute in the modern age, whether it's creating captivating content  or coming up with innovative solutions to problems. The range of areas that creativity can benefit is vast, to say the least. Citrine, one of the seven chakra stones, is said to support and encourage creativity in those surrounding it, by increasing mental clarity. In addition to fostering creativity, Citrine is known affectionately as the “success stone” specifically for those who work in the finance or business sectors. Personally, I’ve just ordered citrine to line my office walls... just in case.

Citrine crystal

Emotional Intelligence - Amethyst

Emotional Intelligence is an important yet often underrated attribute. Understanding your feelings and the feelings of those around you creates a safe and comfortable space where individuals can thrive, individually and as a collective. Amethyst is essentially the perfect crystal to encourage emotional intelligence as it is said to help balance the mind. Anger and anxiety are two emotions that can be difficult to manage and unfortunately are common in some working environments; Amethyst is said to help alleviate these emotions, whilst relieving stress and strain. Aside from its beautiful deep purple appearance, there is a reason Amethyst is presently the most popular and well-known crystal.

amethyst cluster

Teamwork - Sodalite

Sodalite is a more obscure crystal, that most people may not be aware of. Primarily found in deep to vibrant blue shades, Sodalite is more of a rock-type mineral, than what most would consider a crystal. Regardless of perception, the benefits of Sodalite remain the same.  Sodalite would be ideal for encouraging teamwork due to its ability to align logic with intuition and encourage people to trust in themselves. In group settings, people can often be hesitant to speak up, due to not having faith in their input. The ability to trust one's self and think logically can generate cohesion within groups and help individuals to see situations from a different perspective.


Leadership - Pyrite

Not everyone in a group will be a natural leader or in a position of leadership. Too many leaders could hinder progress in certain situations rather than advance them. The phrase “too many chefs in the kitchen" comes to mind. However, those of us in positions of leadership could be surprised that many traits of idealised leaders are shared with the metaphysical properties of a unique stone called Pyrite. Pyrite is very unique, it’s actually a metal, that grows in geometric formations. On top of being visually unique, Pyrite is said to enhance the strength of the mind and improve memory recall, which are qualities I’d certainly want in a leader. In addition, it is famous for attracting abundance and bringing good luck to those who use it.


Confidence - Hematite

Confidence in the workplace can present as a different type of confidence from self-confidence. Both have their value, but workplace confidence manifests itself in different ways, such as having a passion for your work and working purposefully. These desirable traits can be enhanced by a stone called Hematite, a stone believed to help ground the emotions of those around it, as well as boosting your inner courage and will power - traits that would benefit anyone trying to excel in a healthy work environment.


Problem Solving - Fluorite

A fundamental skill all people possess is our ability to problem solve, some people naturally have a more advanced problem-solving ability than others, but the skill is still innate to us all. Thinking of innovative ways to solve problems, or using logic to reach conclusions all feed into our problem-solving skills. Fluorite is an amazing crystal for clearing out any mental fog we may experience which can help with our idea generation for finding solutions to problems. In addition, Fluorite is also known to promote unbiased reasoning, supporting those who surround it to think clearly when addressing potentially complex tasks in or out of the workplace.


Motivation - Carnelian

I think we can all agree, that we’ve been guilty of losing motivation at wildly inconvenient points, whether at work or home. Whether it’s a big task at work that seems to go on forever, or telling yourself that you’ll get around to doing something  in a minute when we both know that minute is a long way off. If these situations sound familiar to you, then Carnelian is suggested to help. Carnelian is a staple stone of the crystal world, known for its ability to enhance physical energy and increase motivation towards action. It is perfect for those of us who feel we need a little emotional boost just to get started.


Organisation - Jade

Along with timekeeping, it could be argued that organisation is one of the most valued traits an employee in any workforce could possess. With that in mind, it’s not hard to see the value that Jade could have on you and your team. Traditionally, Jade is a stone associated with ancient China, where it symbolised purity, serenity, and nurturing, whereas, in the modern age, Jade is valued for being very good at claiming and clearing the mind, whilst keeping those who surround it present in the moment. This is said to support physical organisation in day-to-day life and the organisation of the mind.

Jade gem

Active Listening - Clear Quartz

Finishing our list with Clear Quartz feels very appropriate, almost everyone is aware of Clear Quartz.  If you haven’t heard of it, then you’ve definitely seen it. Clear Quartz is recognised as the most powerful healing stone you can find, its uses and metaphysical abilities are abundant, to say the least, and arguably, they’d support a lot of the traits we’ve covered already. Helping with active listening, Clear Quartz helps create a sense of focus in people and is said to help unblock energies, helping enable the listener to truly engage with a conversation, or listen to what is being asked of them on a deeper level of understanding. Beautiful and affordable, Clear Quartz will add an understated sense of calm yet thriving feel to your workspace.

Clear quartz cluster-1

To summarise, whether you believe in the properties Crystal possesses or not, the traits we’ve explored will act as the cornerstone of any business, as without a good team, no business can reach its full potential. If a crystal can help encourage that, I know I wouldn’t wait to invest in some!


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